まるまる貸切のコテージ · ゲスト4人 · ベッド2台 · 1バスルーム


まるまる貸切のログハウス · ゲスト6人 · ベッド4台 · 1バスルーム

Hardangerのモーターボート付きの美しい新しいログハウスフィオルドのそばにある、モダンで美しいキャビン。モーターボート付き。釣り、ハイキング、スキーのための施設を備えた、魅力的なハーダンガーフィオルドを体験するのにぴったりです。 氷河フォルゲフォンナ(スキーリゾート付き)に近い 快適な家具を備えた、モダンな家具を備えた、すべての基本的な必需品を備えたホリデーホームでゲストになってください。 快適なリビングルームでは、ここで休暇を始め、エキサイティングなエクスカーションのための新しい計画を立てることができます。

Spacious house by the fjord in Hardanger
まるまる貸切の住宅 · ゲスト6人 · ベッド4台 · 1バスルーム

Spacious house by the fjord in HardangerWelcome to your former school between mountains and fjords in Hardanger, in a peaceful area, situated on a fruit farm Hesthamar is 4 km from Utne on FV550 towards Jondal. a short drive to many attractions as Trolltunga and Folgefonna. Ferry from Utne can take you to Kinsarvik and further to the east . The ferry to Kvanndal and Voss of Flåm is in reach.



  • リスティング
  • ホテル
  • ユニークな宿泊先


  • キッチン
  • Wi-Fi
  • プール
  • 敷地内無料駐車場
  • エアコン


  1. 個室
  2. Ulvik Kommune
1泊あたり¥ 7,385
  1. タイニーハウス
  2. Odda
1泊あたり¥ 13,988
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Kvinnherad
Bondhus hytta
1泊あたり¥ 11,445
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Bergen nærmeste by. Tettsteder Os, Eikelandsosen, Strandvik
Anneks ved sjøkant.
1泊あたり¥ 8,902
  1. まるまる貸切のログハウス
  2. Eidfjord kommune
Fjordperlen - En "Perle" ved vannkanten
1泊あたり¥ 14,128
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Sekse
1泊あたり¥ 16,532
  1. まるまる貸切のログハウス
  2. Kvinnherad
2. Haukanes Fjord cabins, cabin w/boat on Varaldsøy
1泊あたり¥ 11,808
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Kvinnherad
1泊あたり¥ 7,630
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Kvinnherad
Hus ved sjøen / House with a seaview
1泊あたり¥ 12,081
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Jondal
Hardanger, Folgefonna, Trolltungaの新しいリゾート
1泊あたり¥ 14,297
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Bjørnafjorden
Ei perle ved sjøen.
1泊あたり¥ 10,809
  1. まるまる貸切のログハウス
  2. Ullensvang
Funkishytte med fjordutsikt
1泊あたり¥ 33,118



  • 天文学者から宇宙について学ぶ
    Learn about space with an astronomer! Take your chance to talk to a professional astronomer, ask questions, use your imagination, and expand your knowledge! This experience is for everyone over age of 14, who always wanted to learn more about space. If you plan to book my experience for someone who is under age of 14 please message me in advance. ''Learn about space with an astronomer'' is ideal for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays as well as for team building events at work or school gatherings. If you'd like to book for a private group, feel free to write to me in advance. I'll be happy to arrange something for you. Join me on our online journey through space! Our talks will start with a fun, interactive truth/false game in which I will give you some of the most interesting and less known astronomy and space facts. After that you all will have the chance to join the discussion and ask questions, comment or help the others to understand the subject better. During the discussion we will use the breakout rooms feature on Zoom for extra engagement. No previous need of any astronomical knowledge is needed. Just enthusiasm and passion to learn new things. Other things to note Experiences for people with higher level of knowledge can be arranged upon request.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 2,798から
  • タロットの読み方を学んで楽しもう
    Participants will experience an in depth, personal Tarot card reading and step by step instructions, teaching you the basics of reading the cards for yourself. You will be welcomed into a very relaxing environment, my 19th century traditional Norwegian home/studio. Then using the energy of the cards and my guided intuition I will reveal to you how the current energies surrounding you are effecting your situation. Then I will instruct you how you yourself can use the cards and cultivate your intuition to reveal the possible course of action or likely outcome of your inquiry. This is based on the subtle energy exchange between us taking place during our time together, helping me to use my intuition through the cards to help guide and reveal to you what you may need to know about your personal life, love, career, healing or any question you have. By sharing my love and knowledge of divination and the cards with you, I hope to teach you so can read for yourself, your friends, and family. My readings and instruction are of a minimum 60 minutes, going into as much truth and detail as the cards wish to reveal followed by a Rune Stone reading to finish off the experience and gain extra insight.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 7,313から
  • Peddaling through Rogaland with a local.
    Depending on the level of fitness. I'll provide three routes. First one is a 130km route over Ryfylke and Lysebotn with steep climbs. Thr second one is 130km route over Gloppedalsurå. Semi-hilled. The last one is a 90km on Jærens flat roads. I'll provide knowledgeable stories, mental and physical help, homemade food during the trip and a stop on a local cafe on all three routes. Other things to note The weather forecasts in this region might not be the most convenient sometimes, and I'll do my best to keep you updated. I'll also give you an alternative route if the weather on long trips is devastating. If you're not used to a road bike, I will also make a speed course.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 5,710から
  • Sail Away in the fjords of Stavanger
    All on board and we take the ropes up and hoist the sails. From Stavanger we will sail through the city towards Ryfylke You will enjoy the beautiful fjords and amazing mountains of Stavanger area. Depending on Wind/Weather We can hop off on one of the islands and take a small walk of 20-30 minutes, where we will show you some history of Stavanger. When the wind and weather is with us we will take the sails out. Something that makes you experience why people fall in love with sailing. We sail back to the heart of Stavanger after we have been enjoying the view of our city by sailboat. Other things to note Bring warm clothes. Maybe seasick pills if needed? The boat is safe and it wont flip over!
    1人あたり価格:¥ 7,948から
  • 冬のトロルトゥンガでスノーシューを履いてハイキング
    PS: Please contact me in advance if you want to book this trip to Trolltunga. Then we will find a date and time in the calendar for our trip :-) Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most popular hikes for good reason. It is an incredibly scenic hike, ending at the Troll’s tongue, a thin sliver of rock perfect for creative photographs. When arriving I will go through safety and the equipment needed. In late spring and winter season I recommend going early in the morning (no later than 07) to get the most out of the short (but beautiful) daylight. The hike from Skjeggedal to Trolltunga is a 28km total roundtrip (14km each way), about 850m ascent and we will spend between 9-12 hours. From Skjeggedal we follow the path to Mågelitopp and then switch to snowshoes (depending the snow conditions) and continue up the mountain side to Gryteskar where we get an amazing view towards the Folgefonna glacier. The trip continues towards Tyssebotn and finally Trolltunga! During the course of the walk we'll have several breaks to rest and eat, and of course to enjoy the view! You will need to bring your own food for a whole day, good clothes and hiking boots. Other things to note The hike from the end of the road to the Trolltunga site is a steep and demanding route. Be prepared. Always take extra clothes, food and water.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 24,162から