Casa sossegada,(neste momento existem obras públicas)

Obsidiana room
個室 · ゲスト1人 · ベッド1台 · 1共用バスルーム

Casa sossegada,(neste momento existem obras públicas) Obsidiana roomEsqueça as suas preocupações neste espaço sereno e espaçoso.

Queluzのダブルルーム(駅から150 m )
個室 · ゲスト2人 · ベッド1台 · 1共用バスルーム

Queluzのダブルルーム(駅から150 m )ダブルベッドとワードローブがあるとても快適な個室。アパートにはバスルーム1室、リビングルーム、寝室3室、キッチン、バーベキューができる屋外エリアがあります。 駅から150メートル、リスボンの中心部から15分、またシントラから15分に位置しています。 空港までお迎えにあがります。駐車料金は€ 16以上です。大歓迎です!

まるまる貸切のヴィラ · ゲスト5人 · ベッド4台 · バスルーム:2

シントラ近くのゲストハウスがあるガーデンパラダイスシントラの歴史的な町を探索し、のどかな環境にある19世紀のキンタ家でプールサイドでゆっくりと過ごしましょう。 自家栽培の野菜やハーブを使って、静かなパティオでゆったりとした自家製ディナーを楽しんだり、リスボンに冒険したりしましょう。



  • リスティング
  • ホテル
  • ユニークな宿泊先


  • キッチン
  • Wi-Fi
  • プール
  • 敷地内無料駐車場
  • エアコン


  1. 個室
  2. Queluz
Double bedroom w/balcony - 200m to queluz station
1泊あたり¥ 1,934
  1. 個室
  2. Rio de Mouro
1泊あたり¥ 3,095
  1. 個室
  2. Agualva-Cacém
Quarto privado / acesso completo no apartamento
1泊あたり¥ 5,803
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Queluz
Relax Sintra Home - Near Lisbon
1泊あたり¥ 5,121
  1. 個室
  2. Queluz
Private room - 3 min from Queluz Station
1泊あたり¥ 2,063
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. São Marcos
⭐Modern & Bright Ap - Self check in & Free Parking
1泊あたり¥ 8,106
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. São Marcos
Lux4you Taguspark
1泊あたり¥ 8,382
  1. 個室
  2. Massamá
1泊あたり¥ 3,224
  1. 個室
  2. Rio de Mouro
1泊あたり¥ 3,095
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Agualva-Cacém
Cantinho do Sossego de Agualva
1泊あたり¥ 5,987
  1. 個室
  2. Lisboa
1泊あたり¥ 3,224
  1. 個室
  2. Algueirão–Mem Martins
1泊あたり¥ 3,868



  • 食と環境を守る、ポルトガル千年のベジタリアン・ヴィーガンレシピ
    Learn about Portuguese gastronomy and its deep roots with nature and history. In this virtual cooking lesson and shared dining experience, you’ll learn how to make a classic and traditional Portuguese dish full of flavor and rich in nutrients that our body needs. “Peixinhos da horta,” or “little fish from the garden,” reflects the beauty of Portuguese nature and all it has to offer. It’s a delicious and easy-to-make vegetarian or vegan dish that is beloved by all. This recipe can be accompanied in many ways, and I will share his secrets with you in order to have different ideas for your healthy and creative meals. As soon as you book you will receive a message with the quantities of all the ingredients and equipment needed for this experience. After we’ve prepared this tasty dish, we’ll talk and share a meal while toasting to life. We’ll talk more about Portugal, sustainability, and how we can all live more in harmony with nature and our planet. This Experience is great for: *** TEAM-BUILDING. Book a private experience for your group. Is your group larger than my listed max group size for private groups? Send me a message. ** families with children and larger group settings, this experience allows us to connect even while we’re apart. * Adapts to people with vegan and gluten free food.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 2,322から
  • 村の家でポルトガル料理を楽しもう
    Away from the confusion of the city, in a home atmosphere and in a typical Portuguese Village in the country side 20 minutes away from Lisbon, with a fabulous backyard and a view over the valley... I'll provide you a cooking class where you will learn how to prepare 2 dishes comfortably in a quiet and homely outdoor environment, so that you can then share at your home with your friends and family what you've learned... Cooking like that is much funnier and a good way to memorize the experience. The Portuguese cuisine has variants of flavors and ingredients from zone to zone, and i'll share with you the particularities of each gastronomic influence. After all the dishes we have prepared, we will share the best moment of all, taste them accompanied by a good selection of Portuguese regional wines. Come and join us (Misha my dog will be there to receive you as well) Other things to note: If you have a specific date and time that you want to schedule, please let me know so that we can adjust your time during your trip. If you are interested in history and architecture, I suggest a place to visit nearby, the famous & beautiful National Palace of Queluz. One of the last great Rococo style buildings erected in Europe, also marked by Baroque & Neoclassicism, it illustrates in its rooms & gardens the environments & life of the Royal Family & the Portuguese court in the 18th century
    1人あたり価格:¥ 5,803から
  • リスボンの街をみながらヨットでリラックス体験
    Welcome aboard! We will sail on the calm waters of the Tagus, the river that bathes Lisbon and almost looks like sea. During the boat tour the unique light of the city, the seven hills and their monuments in the riverside area will accompany us. From the dock of Santo Amaro the sailing tour takes us to the Trade Place (Praça do Comércio), a square that opens on the river and is admired in all its splendor from the water. From here, we are able to look at some of Lisbon's oldest districts, such as the Baixa, Saint George Castle, or Alfama that comes down the hill, with its typical old houses. The boat tour will cross then the Tagus river until the south bank, you get a unique view of the city - the perfect postcard. Later, in the area of ​​Belém we will sail in front of the Belem Tower or the Monument to the Discoveries. If you choose the sunset tour you will have the possibility to sail along the Tagus and enjoy an unforgettable sunset tour. At the same time, we ask you to let yourself go, relax, have a drink and enjoy our national cheeses and ham while you during an amazing boat tour along Lisbon. Yes, Lisbon it is also this - a snack, two fingers of conversation and a good wine. Embark, the rest is up to us. Other things to note Please arrive 10 min. before the beginning of the experience The boat meets all security measures required by law. For us, safety comes always first.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 3,224から
  • ジープで周る、シントラの宮殿や文化スポット
    Imagine kings and queens in mountain-top palaces, a kaleidoscope of bright colours. Magical forests filled with fairies, hidden treasure, or even ghosts. Some kids grew up dreaming of fairy tales. But we didn’t have to imagine. Our hometown, Sintra, is a region filled with real life castles and mysterious legends. Join us as we explore this UNESCO World Heritage town known for its romantic architecture and landscaping. We’ll start the day with a visit to the magical Quinta da Regaleira, a palace and gardens filled with mystery, metaphors and underground tunnels. We’ll take in the view of all five palaces and the 8th-century Moorish Castle as we cruise around in one of our restored convertible UMM jeeps. We can take you off-road to epic lookouts and secret spots other visitors can’t reach. Next stop, lunch at a traditional Portuguese restaurant in a small village. Think fresh fish or tasty meat on the wood-fired grill and plenty of wine! After a quick cafezinho (coffee) we’ll get back on the road passing through dense forests to the 12th century Peninha Sanctuary. Built 500 metres above sea level, from here you’ll take in 360-degree views of the forest, the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais. The day finishes with a visit to Pena Palace, the red-and-yellow Disney-like castle that sits atop Sintra’s second highest peak. Other things to note Lunch and palace entry tickets are not included! Expect to pay just €15-20 for lunch, including wine! We can skip the queues though to buy cheap entrance tickets. Your driver generally hosts in English, but we also speak Portuguese, Spanish and French.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 7,737から
  • 秘密のビーチで夕暮れのハイキング、タパスとワインを楽しもう
    ある午後、ポルトガルの素晴らしい海岸線を楽しんだり、地元のポルトガル料理やワインを味わったり、シントラの神秘的な森でオフロードに出かけたりすることができます。砂、塩辛い髪、ワインを片手に海に沈む夕日をご覧ください。 伝説的なコンバーチブルジープであなたを迎え、シントラの最高の名所や宮殿を簡単に見てから、お気に入りの森の小道に出かけましょう。これらのオフロードのマークのないトレイルは、ヨーロッパの最西端のカボダロカに飛び出します。 私たちの秘密のビーチは少しハイキングです。ダートトレイルは急なルートに沿って曲がりくねっていますが、砂に降りるのに30分しかかかりません。この部分に適切な靴を持参してください!ビーチサンダル/ひも/ジャンダル/フットウェッジーは効果がありません。 柔らかく金色の砂に到達したら、リラックスしてください。チーズ、チョリソ(チョリソ)、パン、その他のスナックをたっぷりと積み上げた、伝統的なポルトガルの「ペティスコ」(タパスの言葉)のピクニックスプレッドを用意します。塩辛い海で泳いだり、砂の上でボールを蹴ったり、地元のワインを数杯飲んだりすることができます。 99の問題があるかもしれませんが、ビーチは1つではありません。 半日しかないので、ユネスコ世界遺産のシントラ宮殿などを探索する朝の文化的な旅の1つと組み合わせることができます。 ***それはレベル4のハイキングです、それはいくつかの点で挑戦的である可能性があります。安全上の理由により、この体験は天候によりキャンセルされる場合があります その他の注意事項 このサンセットハイキングは、ペーナ宮殿とキンタダレガレイラへの朝の文化的旅の1つ、またはシントラの魔法の森のハイキングとピクニックと組み合わせることができます。 ドライバーは通常英語でホストしますが、ポルトガル語、スペイン語、フランス語も話します。
    1人あたり価格:¥ 5,803から