Visit this historical township of Soweto, where political icons lived during Apartheid, fighting against the regime. Exploring the everyday life, meet the locals, taste local cuisine and get an authentic experience with a Sowetan native guide. Starting at the Hector Pietersen Museum where the Soweto uprising that transpired in 1976. The famous house of Nelson Mandela in Vilakazi Street & Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the only street in the world to house two noble price recipients. Mandela house entrance not included but 20min allocated to the visit. Enjoy a traditional, local lunch of Kota. Continue through Orlando East, the first formal settlement of Soweto and take local minibus taxi ride to the Orlando Towers. We do have optional Visits. - Kliptown Freedom Chater - Soweto Gold Beer Brewery. - Community centre in Kliptown
Let us meet at Uncle Mervs for our fuelling coffee and water, before we embark on a journey to explore the wanders of art by visiting art galleries, viewing street art, graffiti and mural art that holds our heritage and pride of Jozi in fashions. Let us walk Joburg with a narrative as we are passionate with storytelling specifically about Johannesburg. The experience is hosted by Bongani who was born in Soweto Johannesburg, currently living in Maboneng (for the last 6 years), running two business: coffee shop and the gallery with passion. Now with this experience we wish to share our ARTWALKING tour, taking you to the art gems and beautiful walls that paints our Joburg city urban scape. The journey will start with your expert guide at the Cosy and artsy Angoni Art Gallery in Maboneng, then we will continue with our journey until we view Johannesburg 360: While we share the tales and moments about our local history that influenced our yesterday, today and the day after tomorrow. Complements will be provided at meeting point. The Uncle Mervs and Angoni Art Gallery team will always be there to assist you and make your tour more appreciable. We guarantee to go apart with a new narrative and leave no curiosity unanswered. We are looking forward to meet, greet and giving you an unforgettable experience. All COVID and safety measures will be practiced.
Experience the heart of Johannesburg in a thrilling 4-hour walking tour! Kick off at Gandhi Square, be inspired by Gandhi's legacy, then uncover the city's gold mining origins on Main Street. Visit Chancellor House, witness Mandela's historical impact, and explore Ferreirasdorp, the birthplace of Johannesburg. Be amazed by the Nelson Mandela Bridge in vibrant Newtown and the iconic Market Theatre, a hub of cultural resistance. Indulge in Braamfontein's lively atmosphere with a lunch break among stunning street art. Conclude at Constitution Hill, a testament to South Africa's turbulent past and hopeful future. This easy, exciting tour is your gateway to Johannesburg's rich history and vibrant culture, complete with a Constitution Hill ticket. All ages welcome – just bring comfy shoes and a sense of adventure!
Create a custom bomber jacket / an African print clothing item experience - from concept to finished garment Explore Johannesburg’s fashion district like never before. The Fashion Capital and the historical fashion square are located in the old Johannesburg city. The designer will walk with you to fabric shops in the inner city, where you will select a unique African print that you love from hundreds of options. You will then meet a member of his design team and have your measurements taken. You will collaborate with them on the creation of your custom African print item. The experience is paired with a photoshoot in the trendy neighborhood of Maboneng and ends with a local food lunch in the city, all included. See this as a souvenir of the city, @caraci_clothing on IG 1. Choose a unique African print from one of our local fabric stores (fabric included). 2. Learn how to take body measurements for the making of clothing garments. 3. Cut the pattern and pieces for your custom bomber jacket or any other item made in African print (discuss with us via messages on the possibility) 4. Learn basic stitching and hand sewing in a practical lesson, (expert studio assistants will make and complete garment ). 5. While you enjoy lunch, your bomber jacket will be completed by our assistants. 6. You'll star in a street photoshoot wearing your custom creation Time flexible
Our Johannesburg Nightlife Experience is An Experience that offers you the ability to really explore Joburg's nightlife with local people. Our hosts are Gio (male) and Tshego (female) , and you can see them in the pictures of the experience with their names written below the picture. The experience can be run by women only if some ladies feel more comfortable that way. The Experience takes you around Johannesburg's key party hubs from: Rosebank Greenside Parkhurst Melville Braamfontein Mabonang These areas are famous for different vibes in the city & are all unique and you will be exploring most of them with us on the night. Your host will be selecting the spaces to visit according to the vibe on the day you book& Your interests so it's important to reach out as soon as you make a booking so that such information may be communicated. The Experience is divided into three parts: Option 1 - ( 4 pm to 7 pm) -Sunset & Dinner (Optional once booking is made) Option 2 (7pm - 1am) - Bar/club Hopping through Johannesburg Option 3: (7pm to 11pm)-Dining experience - This is a family relaxed version of the nightlife experience accommodative of teens as well. Please reach out so we can give you an entire experience of the city and recommend other interesting things you could do, from African Food tours to Historical tours like Soweto & street art tours & Galleries.
Maboneng Street Art Tour
Discover why Johanessburg’s artistic hub is recognized worldwide as a booming creative center on this 2-hour guided walking tour. You’ll see some of the best street art from around the world and even meet some of the artists themselves. Hit the streets of Maboneng Precinct and Jewel City to see why South Africa has long been recognized for its exciting modern art. Your guide will take you to meet the locals and explore Joburg subcultures, learn about the artists, their motivations, and the different techniques they use. You’ll walk through individual pieces and get an overview of these colorful pieces, experiencing first-hand just how street art is changing the perspective in these local communities. Other Things to Note. **Do not hesitate to send a message asking about availability. I can add spots and be available anytime!**
Join me on a bicycle tour through the vibrant and historical streets of Soweto. We’ll cycle in Orlando East and Orlando West. We'll kick off our ride at my bicycle store called BOOK IBHONI which is located in Vilakazi Street. The street that's known for having two Nobel prize winners. During the tour, we'll explore key sites such as the Nelson Mandela house, Desmond Tutu's residence, the Hector Pieterson Museum and other attractions like the YMCA hall where Nelson Mandela trained his boxing, in Orlando East. We will also visit an adventure spot where people do bungee jumping, wall climbing, or free falling. For our lunch break, we'll enjoy a Kota, a unique street burger-like, made with a loaf of bread cut into quarters and filled with fries, mini sausages, cheese and a spicy salad. The Kota is our local favorite. Feel free to bring small bills for optional tips for the street performers at these stops. Tips are not compulsory. We do have safe parking if you are driving to us. The bicycle tour route is easy but a little bit hilly too.
Photoshoot and Walking tour in the Maboneng Arts District
We will meet in Jewel City in the colorful area of Maboneng and begin taking our photographs. From Jewel City we will enjoy the sights and Sounds of Maboneng whilst interacting with various locals and their different crafts all whilst taking photographs that will set you right into the scene until we arrive at the end of Fox Street. We will pass nice little arts and crafts stores in which you can purchase all sorts of curios and souvenirs Inside of If you would like to. I will help you with posing If you would like. Along the way, we can shoot in front of many urban art pieces as well as on the street which is mainly where the photos will be taken. The photoshoot and tour will end at the end of Fox Street and I will make sure that you can safely call an Uber to wherever you need to go next and wait with you to ensure your safety.
We'll explore the The Maboneng Precinct. We'll walk up to the top of the street where we will view a little bit of the Maboneng history. There are various African restaurants, street art and the famous Maboneng sign where we’ll take photo’s. We'll then walk through local African street stalls selling paintings, clothing and local handmade merchandise. There are a few spots where we’ll stop and take photo’s as we make our way to a new local area called Jewel City where there is some beautiful street art. There are some rooftop bars where you can enjoy the views of our beautiful City of Johannesburg. Here you can decide whether to enjoy a refreshing local beer or cocktail and sit back and enjoy the view. Other things to note It is very normal to feel nervous for a photoshoot. The important thing to remember is to be yourself. Make sure you wear something comfortable and something you feel comfortable wearing.
Braamfontein - or just "Braam" to locals - is one of the most hip, cool, contemporary and culturally rich areas in the city! We meet at the lovely LOCO Mexican Restaurant where you can grab something tasty to eat or drink before we begin! From here, we head onto the streets of "Braam" where we trace its history while admiring the mixture of old and new buildings and the impact of the colourful Street Art on the development of the area. As we move along the streets, we chat about the day-to-day happenings of the area and how the migrant nature of the city's residents has played a role in shaping the way Braamfontein is today! Along the way we go into a Pan African book shop, visit a local streetwear design store, pop into a graffiti & vinyl shop all while taking in the energy and culture of this area! We finish off at the second oldest licensed bar in Johannesburg, the iconic Kitcheners Carvery Bar (or just "Kitcheners" to locals) - it's rich in history and a very popular night time spot for locals who enjoy the Joburg underground party scene! With a history closely linked to the development of Street Culture in the city from 2000 onwards, this is a really cool experience to do if you want to know more about the development of contemporary street culture in Johannesburg! NB! This experience ends at The Playground Market on Saturdays i.e. food, music, arts & craft etc.!
Taste of Africa Food Experience
Guests meet with us at the Westminster Mansions for the 3 pm tour & 20 Kruger Street, City and Suburban (home to our Maboneng offices, near 12 Decades ), for the 5 pm tour, where we gather to start the tour and get briefed about the day and what to expect and what the tour will entail to manage expectations and find out if there are any allergies or special dietary requirements. Areas we will cover: Option 1: Berea, Yeoville Option 2: Maboneng, Jewel city & access city Stop 1: Our first stop is where we meet depending on which tour you are doing; option 1 will be at 3 p.m. @ Westminster Mansions, Highland Street, Yeoville. Option 2 will be 20 Kruger Street, City and Suburban, home to our Maboneng . Stop 2: South African cuisines, The inner city of Johannesburg is made up of many African immigrants we will start with Southern African cuisine. Stop 3: Ethiopian coffee with a delicious meal will be served at our 3rd stop. Stop 4: Ghana - west Africa brings a mouth-watering mix of numerous flavors. Stop 5: Shopping at an African Market with food from all over the continent, the guest will be given a chance to shop. Stop 6: Here we will either have a Congolese meal or a Nigerian meal depending on the group. Stop 7: We will end our experience in Cameroon with delicious seafood :) *This tour is customizable depending on special dietary requirements.
Come hungry and ready to learn! During this interactive dining experience, I will show you how easy it is to make or Local dishes, Shakalaka ( a mixture of veggies like stir fries with an edge), Fatcook … from scratch using my own personal recipe! Then, we'll combine this with a delicious bowl pab a maize meal. We'll gather for dinner to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I'll serve Fatcook as appetiser Other things to note Come with your appetite. Be sure to message me after you book if you have special dietary restrictions! Our meeting locations may occasionally varies.
Jo'burg Underground to Sky
Embark on a captivating journey through Johannesburg's history told through the lens of its iconic architecture. Our walking tour begins in the vibrant Newtown district, where art pulsates through the streets at Mary Fitzgerald Square. Immerse yourself in the creative energy before stepping onto Albertina Sisulu Street, once known as Market Street, the very birthplace of Johannesburg. At the historic Library Gardens, your expert guide will bring the city's past to life, showcasing the evolution of its urban landscape through captivating stories and architectural gems. From there, delve into the heart of Marshalltown, where grand mining offices stand as testaments to the city's economic roots. Currently, due to closure, our panoramic finale will take place at the foot of the Carlton Centre, offering breathtaking city views and a chance to reflect on the journey we've taken. This tour is perfect for architecture enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Johannesburg's fascinating narrative.
Our exciting and fun experience starts with a skateboarding lesson for first-timers/beginners which means that you don't need to know how to skateboard to join...we will teach you! Once done learning, we skate through Maboneng (one of the world's coolest neighbourhoods, 2018, Forbes) and the Jewel City Precinct which are both redefining life in the inner city. While in Maboneng and Jewel City, we also see some amazing graffiti and street art by both local and international artists such as Dbongz One (SA), Roa (BEL), DALeast (CHN) and Vhils (POR) to name a few! We then head off to see the city's origins in Marshalltown, where we see some of the city's oldest buildings, learn about the city's history from 1886 and hear about the non-racial "Kruger Liquour License" issued to select bars and what made it so special! We end off our experience in Newtown, which is home to the city's first ever multiracial cultural centre (The Market Theatre) and the city's best graffiti due to its association with street culture and the underground clubs found in the area! By the end of it all, you'll have a much better idea of the city of Johannesburg, it's history, what's going on now and how it came to be the way it is today! We think Johannesburg is dope and want to show you why we love it so much...the best part of it all...you'll do it from the fun of a skateboard!
Maboneng City Dinner is a new experience for travellers to meet, mingle and dine with local residents over food, drinks and tales on living in Johannesburg. The experience is about trying new and different foods while connecting with new friends over a delicious meal. This includes food pairings with a local drink, travel stories and Johannesburg history, to make for an authentic Jozi experience. Guests will be encouraged to do as the locals do, which could include unfamiliar food pairings, or even eating with your hands. This roving dinner experience will start in the city with a welcome drink at a Jozi rooftop. Consider this the ice breaker and introduction of the night for a sundowner drink. From there, we will travel to local restaurant to dine the night away. The dinner will be an authentic South African meal at the trendy and artsy neighborhood Maboneng. With this dining experience, you’ll spend the night having beautiful conversation, new connections, good vibes and a happy belly. Vegetarian and vegan options available. Come meet a local, try some new food and enjoy what Jozi has to offer. Photos and a video reel of the experience will be shared to the guests at the end of the experience. We encourage an open heart, open mind and empty stomach for this experience. @joburgdinners on the gram for more pictures