Discovery akchour waterfalls and mountains farms
First, we will start our trip in Chefchaoun walking through the historic blue houses by foot. Our trip starts from Chefchaoun to Akshour. Here we have a number of options to get to the national park area of Akshour, roughly 15km away. Option 1- We can take a local shared taxi which you pay individually per seat in the taxi. This costs roughly 25 dirham. Option 2- For any adventurous and thrill seeking people we can hire quad bikes from Chefchaoun and ride the quads through the moutains having oppoutunites to stop and take incredible pictures along the route. For prices and enquiries please ask for more information and note that this isn't included in the price stated on the current link. Option 3- If you have your own car then you are more than welcome to use this and we can travel freely together through the mountains stopping where you please for pictures and views along the way. When we arrive to Akshour we will have the option of visitng the waterfalls, Bridge of god, and have the oppourtunity to relax and take in the spectactular views. Once complete we will then come back via the transport chosen and our adventure will finish. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
We'll hit the streets of Chefchaouen and we'll explore the most beautiful streets, tiny squares, and buildings on our way. I`ll help you relax in front of the camera, And giving you poses making sure to get those insta-worthy photos. We'll explore all of the most beautiful spots around town and if there are any particular locations in the Chefchaouen Old town that you'd like to visit, I can add them to our itinerary along the way if you show me a photo of them. ▪️My experience is private. Once you book your session, I’ll close the available slots left. ▪️You’re going to receive : - All original photos + 40 Edited pictures (you can pick them) - I’m a videographer too so i can help with taking some stunning reel videos for insta or youtube. ▪️Delivery : - 1 to 5 days By google drive link or wetransfer. - the Photos are delivered in high resolution and without logo. ▪️Best colors to wear : Orange, Red, white, light Green. ▪️Contact me please if you want to book a different time slot which is not available. I know being in Chefchaouen may be a special experience for you, you'll never regret a memorable pictures from a local experienced photographer in this city !!
A tour in Blue white city and Sunset scenes panoramic view
Join me on one of the most beautiful tours in my city of Chefchaouen and create memories you cannot forget. First we will go to see the blue, white city (the blue pearl) and take some beautiful pictures in the wonderful and famous paths and alleys. We will pass through the maze of winding streets, bustling stalls and the historical castle of the city. We’ll then pass through the head of the water (Ras-Ima) which is drinkable if you wish to try it fresh from the mountains. We will then end, with the view of the sunset from the Spanish Mosque, which is located at the top of the city. This view is a once in a lifetime opportunity with the mountains surrounding you and the lights of Chefchaouen shinning bright. The tour will all be on foot, you’ll get no better experience than with myself knowing all the best routes as I walk these streets daily. This tour is easy and fun for everyone at any age. We can go at your pace, with you, your family or friends. I love to teach so ask me anything.
Morrocan meal with a local family cooking classes
Welcome to my cooking lessons. You will live the experience of cooking different Moroccan dishes that you will serve to your friends and family. In my cooking class you will learn how to prepare popular Moroccan dishes and have the opportunity to ask local questions about Moroccan life. First, you will choose the meal you will learn (tajine, couscous, rafisa, pastilla...) and then we will go to the market (the market that locals use daily) to buy our ingredients to prepare the meal. We will return to our place to start the cooking lessons, and you will discover the secret tips and skills of our traditional cuisine. I will also teach you how to make Moroccan tea. All the steps will be carried out by you and then we will have the meal in a joyful family atmosphere.
-TOUR GUIDE AND CONTENT CREATOR Join me to discover one of the most beautiful city in Morocco, im as a photographer and videomake on social media platforms , I will be your guide and photographer as well, I will show you how to pause for best quality photos, and We will start our experience from the middle square (outa hamam), or I can also pick you up from your guesthouse. We will start walking around the city and talk about the historical society of chefchaouen and lifestyle of people, beside that I will show you the most famous corners and some of them are very secret, not everbody could know them,and I will help you to take pictures with your phone and with mine as well, after discovered all the city we will walk to the Spanish mosque for the view to the city and we will pass the river (Ras lmae) where we can take a break with drink some fresh mnit tea. And I also offer Akchour Waterfalls tour. for more information and details check it out Here : @be_in_chefchaouen
Private Photographer in Chefchaouen
"My name is Soufian, and nothing matters more to me than ensuring you have a truly enjoyable time & fantastic Photos in chefchaouen". We will start the tour by picking you up from your hotel,Then we head to several original places away from the tourist crowds. I'll guide you in taking the poses, Don't worry, it's very easy. We'll make a brief stop at the best photo spots, then continue the tour on an easy path. Our tour will end after 90 to 120 minutes, I'll be available to answer any questions about the traditions, history, or way of life of the locals. A link containing a minimum of 30 photos (usually more), edited using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, will be sent. - The photos will be taken with a professional camera "DSLR Canon 5DsR". - The best colors for clothes are yellow, orange.
Join me on an exciting hike to Akchour and uncover hidden treasures! I offer two tailored hikes to suit your preferences: Option 1: The "Mountain Adventure" is tailored for those seeking a challenging and adventurous hike. We meet in Chefchaouen for a two-hour stroll to my father's peaceful organic farm. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and a guided farm tour, and we resume our walk to Akchour. This hike takes us to heights of over 1250 meters, offering stunning views and exclusive trails. Lunch by a beautiful river includes a chance to swim in hidden pools. The challenge lies in climbing steep hills and navigating tricky trails. Akchour won't appear until around 5 or 6 PM, making this option ideal for adventurers who prefer heights and climbing. Option 2: The "Beautiful River Walk" is suitable for everyone, including families and couples. We head straight from Chefchaouen to Akchour via a shared taxi. Then, we embark on a scenic hike along the river to the majestic Akchour Waterfalls or the famous God Bridge. Relax at a local restaurant by the waterfall, where guests can order a fresh Tajin or drinks, and take a refreshing swim in the river's stunning pools. You can also Book your own unforgettable stay at our farm through our Airbnb listing:
Join us for an unforgettable adventure from Chefchaouen to the tranquil village of Kalaa, nestled amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes. Our two-hour hike spans 7 kilometers along the mountainside, offering ample opportunities to capture stunning photos and encounter local shepherds with their goats. Upon arrival at Kalaa, we'll retreat to my father's serene organic farm, where you'll be greeted with freshly brewed herbal tea sourced from our own land. Indulge in a sumptuous Tajine feast featuring farm-fresh vegetables and your choice of chicken, beef, or even rabbit straight from the farm. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring everyone can savor the flavors of our land. Relax and soak in the village views from our tranquil terrace shaded by ancient trees, while engaging in insightful conversations with my father, a proud local with a wealth of knowledge about the area and mountain life. Take a leisurely stroll through the farm, discovering the beauty of our sustainable practices firsthand. As the evening sets in, we'll journey back to Chefchaouen in a traditional local Mercedes "Taxi". Or you can also Book your own unforgettable stay at the farm through our Airbnb listing:
Cooking Classes overlooking the blue city
Join me on one of the most unique cooking classes in Morocco. We will start by choosing a dish you would want to make, we are providing a wide variety of Moroccan Tajines to choose from. there's two classes a day one in the morning with the fresh morning breeze, and one in the evening where you'll be enjoying dinner with the most mesmerizing sunset. The location of this experience makes it extra special for so many reasons, the location on the mountain overlooking Chefchaouen's medina, you'll be surrounded by nothing except beautiful nature, once we make it to the farm all guests will have everything they need to make the dish they chose. Aside from the main dish you choose for the experience three of the most famous Moroccan vegetable starters will be included in the class. I will be guiding you through every step of the process. By the end the food you made will be served to you once its done cooking. and you'll get to enjoy it with a wonderful panoramic view that no other place offers in the whole town. P.S •To get to the location you must be able to walk uphill comfortably. • the timing is flexible • Restrooms are not available yet, only nature.. • After the class you'll be provided with a personal PDF that has all my recipes. • since it's winter I recommend a warm Jackets especially for the evening classes
In this experience, the day will be devoted to explore and discover the medina of Chefchaouen, and learning about it’s history, culture and daily lifestyle, in addition of visiting the Spanish Mosque to have the greatest panoramic view in town. First After picking you up from your hotel, or your Airbnb accommodation, we’ll start by walking through the hidden corners in the medina which has 7 main neighbourhoods, and 7 Doors. While introducing you to the Andalou-Amazigh history and culture. We’ll be able To visit the main spots to take the most stunning pictures in town, then we’ll visit the Kasbah (the main fortress which was founded in the 15 century), after spending about a 30 min in the Kasbah to see the garden, the towers, and the old prison. We’ll head up to the Spanish Mosque - a lunch Break is provided in a local restaurant under your needs- On our way to the Spanish mosque we’ll pass by the river to see the water springs, the old laundry system, and the orange trees. After heading to the Mosque, a 30 minute break is provided to enjoy the view and take pictures. Afterwards we’ll get back to the medina to Go the market and pass by the neighbourhood of Swika (the commercial neighbourhood of Chefchaouen) This tour is very customised and everything is up to the guests walking capacity. The activity ends in the main square or your accommodation in Chefchaouen.
The original insta shoot in chefchaouen
We'll meet in the main square (Outahammam) for an intimate and professional portrait session, focused on art and natural beauty. Then together we will be exploring the most photogenic places in Chefchaouen, We'll do 2 hour walking through well known (and hidden and most loved ones!) corners of Chefchaouen, most picturesque areas, stopping for portraits and full body shots along the way. I will give advice in posing, acting, and styling, that you will keep forever for future pictures and for your personal style. You'll get great material for your vacation album and social media! The best time is in the early morning, when there are perfect light, but still shooting time can be customized to your wishes and needs. If you're interested in expanding our shoot time and locations, send me a private message. From this experience, you'll have: • A download of your all edited photos from shooting within 3 days • An understanding why Chefchaouen is such a beautiful city • Of course, wonderful memories!
WE ALWAYS GIVES YOU THE BEST TOUR AND PHOTOGRAPHE FROM OUR HEARTS On our tour, you will get the experience of a lifetime through the famous Chefchaouen also known as the Blue City. I guarantee you will fall in love with this charming city. We will begin our tour by meeting at the busiest plaza in the city. From there, we will make our way within Old Town part of the city to popular locations where I can show you how to get the best photo or even help take photos if you wish. This is not a shopping tour, but throughout our experience, I can introduce you to the local culture as well or any shops that you may be interested in. Finally, I will guide you to the beautiful Spanish mosque where we will get an amazing panoramic view of the city and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The whole tour will take approximately 2.5-3 hours and end accordingly upon time of sunset, usually taking place between 4-7PM. Other things to note Please wear comfortable shoes as we will be walking quite a lot within the city as well as the hike up to the Spanish Mosque. We will be taking a lot of stairs as well as walking on small hills.
This cooking experience will take place in our organic farm in El kalaa village, the village of my parents and where they were grown up. It's 7 km away from chefchaouen with my father. After we meet usually at Bab Souk, we'll go to our farm by public transport. I will welcome you with some fresh mint tea, then we will start cooking our traditional Tajin of vegetables of our farm and beef or chicken.. After enjoying having our lunch in a family atmosphere, we would go back to chefchaouen via local cars where our experience will end. Or you can also Book your own unforgettable stay at our farm through our Airbnb listing:
- WE’RE THE NUMBER 1 EXPERIENCE IN THE BLUE CITY with more then 100 + reviews ! - We Have more then 100 K followers on the social media ! WELCOME TO THE BEST PHOTO TOUR IN CHEFCHAOUEN !!
Yoga practice at the forest exploring the inner light
We will practice ancient Hatha Yoga. It is gonna be one hour and thirty minutes class. We will start with a short intro during which we’ll get to know each other a little and review your routine and yoga experience. Then follows yoga flow, which will include Shavasana, guided meditation combined with visualization, continue with breathing exercises (Pranayama), followed by traditional sequences of asanas, and Yoga Nidra with sound healing of singing bowl as a final relaxation, deep meditation in a sitting posture and mantras to close the class. After yoga, we'll have some time for questions. You are welcome to ask me whatever you’d like, any advice on your daily practice, which movements or mantras might be implemented in your daily life. Whatever you want to know, I’m here to help. All is flexible. Feel free to let me know, if you'd like to start practice at different time. It is also possible to adjust duration of the practice, make it shorter or longer. We could also for example organize the class which will be all devoted to breathing(pranayama) and different techniques of breathing exercises. Or practice 108 times of Sun salutations. All is welcome