I'm an artist living in Toronto, Canada. I make greeting cards and watercolour paintings. I love traveling, art, music, good healthy food and great adventures. I'm always involved in curating art... 続きを読む



My favourite get-away in the city. An enormous green space, full of trees, many squirrels , a big pond, a tiny zoo featuring beautiful llamas, lots of walking trails and fresh air. Go on a hike! Ve... 続きを読む


The AGO is a beautifully curated gallery, many excellent shows come through town here. A huge collection of Canadian painters and artists' work. The building itself is beautiful and there is a grea... 続きを読む


It's our aquarium! Full of amazing sea creatures, but also full of tourists and large families. Do not enter if you are claustrophobic or don't like total chaos. But it is still a very beautiful aq... 続きを読む


It's famous! It's the CN Tower! Truthfully, I haven't been up in a looooong time. But I remember how stunning the view was! I do believe it's expensive and that the restaurant is NOT that good...BU... 続きを読む


If you are visiting Toronto for the first time, and it is daytime, do not miss a visit to Kensington Market. Truly unique experience, bring your camera and your appetite. Every type of food is here... 続きを読む


Sometimes I'm not sure how I feel about the Drake (it can be a bit 'scenesterish', but the last time I went, there was a hilarious trivia night and it was full of wonderful people. The drinks are g... 続きを読む


If it's summertime, everybody is hanging out in this park, looking good and feeling fine. Bring a picnic. Look for the albino white squirrel that lives there. I'm not kidding! Walk to the south end... 続きを読む


Go to the lake!! We have an enormous lake here, go suntanning in summer and go skating in winter (not on the actual lake, there's a rink) You can rent skates. Or take boat tour around the islands. ... 続きを読む


One of my favourite places to watch live music anywhere in the world. You go downstairs and you will be transported to Northern Ontario circa 1972...The best.


Perfectly simple cafe, delicious coffee and morning pastries... and wifi. Hang out and watch the locals go by...


Wow wow the most delicious indian food ever!! This is a favourite. Bring your appetite.


A busy and cozy bar with great beer on tap and a yummy fresh menu. I do love their big back patio with wood burning stove(!). Another secret locals spot. Lotsa local musicians go there.


An amazing local movie theatre dedicated to showing the best documentaries around. Toronto is a city that loves and supports excellent film-making!


Incredible ice cream sandwiches, banana pudding, tarts, cookies and even more desserts. These bakers are wizards. This place is a must.


Incredible sipping tequilas, live music and a beautiful intimate back patio. A magical summer place.


A great little bar, good food, lovely decor. Very close to Christie Pits park.


A unique wonderful park shaped like a big soup bowl, with a big swimming pool open in summer. Lots of green grass to lie on and read a book in the sunshine.


Fast, fresh and wildly popular sushi place. Very inexpensive for great quality sushi and sashimi. Sometimes there is a line-up, but it goes fast.


Delicious Ethiopian food and a great place to drink beer and socialize.


Also a great park to lie on the grass under the trees with a picnic. Sometimes there is free yoga classes going on in summer. Fantastic farmer's market happens every Thursday, even in winter 3pm-7p... 続きを読む


If you are here in summer, you have to go to the islands. It's a beautiful natural escape from the city, only a quick 15 minute ferry ride away, cheap and fun. Just head out early on weekends or yo... 続きを読む


Great classic fresh chinese food open really really late, ... in the heart of Chinatown. Awesome!


I love Vietnamese food! I love the BBQ pork on rice noodles. They have vegetarian options too. This place is fresh, big and fast. And in a great spot, near Kensington Market.


A cute, cool cafe where you can watch the hip Ossington crowd walk by. Big windows, delicious coffee and teas. Great neighbourhood to explore, walk south to Queen West.


Scottish pub! Great folks, cozy space, amazing food and imported beers and scotch. Can be very crowded at night, but that's part of the fun.


Cozy, you feel like you are in Paris at the turn of the century, the food is simple and the service is warm and helpful. Great front patio, too. It's the gorgeous atmosphere you are paying for!


Another amazing, scrappy venue to watch a live band in TO. This place has history and is a classic rock n roll bar. There are a thousand restaurants nearby if you need to eat. It's a student zone.


This is my local grocery store, they have excellent fresh fruit and vegetables and everything you need to cook a great meal. The owners are lovely and helpful too. Very affordable.


Fresh sushi! Our local Japanese restaurant; they are fast, excellent and affordable.