Lovely Private Bathroom with Tub/ShowerAsheville Green Cottage

Asheville Green Cottage B&B is a relaxing, quiet space overlooking the Biltmore Estate, in a lovely Historic neighborhood. Your room has a delightful India theme, is bright and cheery and includes a Veggie breakfast. Beautiful, Green, Healthy B&B!


Asheville Green Cottage is a "green" bed and breakfast located in a quiet Historic Asheville neighborhood, overlooking the Biltmore Estate, 1/4 mile from Mission Hospital, and 5 minutes from downtown Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway. See our web site for more about our B&B.

The B&B is a 1920's Arts and Crafts granite block home and has a simple sophisticated ambiance with four internationally-themed rooms, each with its own private bathroom. The rooms are beautifully designed and lightly decorated, with views, lots of light, and our very comfortable healthy beds made us up with cotton, bamboo and organic linens.

Our amenities include a green and healthy environment cleaned with the simplest natural products. Please note that we are fragrance, chemical, and smoke free.

For breakfast we serve a vegetarian fare, and, given notice, can cater to almost every dietary request. We offer local and organic food, baked goods, and organic coffee and teas.

The B&B has free wireless, and a large living room with a small desk space and library. The grounds and neighborhood are tree-lined, quiet and walkable to shops and public transportation.

We are very well priced $115-165 per night double occupancy for each of the 4 rooms This includes the wonderful vegetarian breakfast for two. Check our web site for "longer-stay" specials. Thanks. Vicki and Neeraj.

Please ask about our cancellation policy of 14 days.


A relaxing and spacious Living and Dining area, and an amazing, quiet, walkable neighborhood.


Our Golden Retrievers will be here to greet you! Loud but friendly. We'll either be here to help, or a phone call and 5-minutes away. Relaxed check in and easy going folks. Let us know if you want breakfast. You can always text or call us on our cell phones if we're not around.


There is information about the B&B, wireless codes, and about breakfast on the back of your door. Call with any questions.

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We had a lovely weekend in Asheville, and loved the personal touches of staying at Vicki and Neeraj’s B&B. The location can’t be beat—close to the Biltmore and downtown. The India room is comfortable, clean, private, and had everything we needed. Breakfast was delicious and healthy, and we enjoyed the great conversation with our hosts. We also dined at Vicki and Neeraj’s superb Ethiopian restaurant, Addissae. We highly recommend this as a must-do! Try one of the traditional platters to start :)

Great place to stay! Very nice people.

I traveled with my boyfriend Ryan for a weekend trip. We didn’t have any trouble finding the place and check was a breeze. We spent Saturday hiking in Pisgah and then went downtown for dinner. Vicki and Neeraj’s house is collected close to the blue ridge parkway, the Biltmore Estate, and is close to plenty of restaurants and shops. We didn’t have any trouble getting around. Our plan was to explore the town on Sunday after we checked out, but unfortunately Ryan came down with a terrible stomach virus Saturday night. He was very sick on Sunday and Vicki boiled some water so I could give him a hot tea. Vicki cooked a great breakfast and I let him sleep in. We left for home immediately after breakfast because he couldn’t keep the tea down. Unfortunately our departure was in a bit of a hurry, but truthfully it was the sickest I’ve ever seen Ryan and I wanted to get on the road back to our house as fast as possible. Even though we had to cut our trip a little short, we will definitely come back to Asheville and will remember Vicki and Neeraj’s cottage. While hiking on Saturday we thought about how fun it would be to always come back to their cottage - and maybe even adopt one of their golden retriever puppies within their next few litters. 10/10 would stay here again

Beautiful old cottage, dog friendly, and very hospitable. It was a great place to stay the weekend. Clean and relaxing environment. Very nice people.

We stayed here the week after hurricane Irma hit, and the Airbnb app had been down for several days leading up to our trip. Because of the network error, I was not able to access any of the check-in information, re-read Vicki's initial message telling us which door to use, or access her phone number. When we arrived, we walked to the front door. Vicki opened the door and without saying hello or greeting us at all, said very gruffly "This isn't your entrance. I'm going to have to ask you to leave and you can come back when you come to the right door. I expected you to call and you didn't." So being yelled at immediately obviously set us off on a weird foot, but we left, drove around back, and entered through the correct door. THEN, she set off on a lecture about how we didn't call, we aren't supposed to be here yet, it's rude and inappropriate for us to be here early and without calling, and she should ask us to leave, but luckily for us, she'll let us go ahead and come inside. Check in was at 3. We arrived at 2:40. All that for being 20 minutes early!!!! So then I showed her what my AirBnb app looked like and that I couldn't access anything. Her response? "Well what do you think? There's a hurricane! The app's been down all week!" In other words, she acknowledged that the app wasn't working, but was unwilling to forgive me for getting check-in wrong. They had double booked, so we were in the Africa room, which was fine. However, it smelled like wet dog and stinky feet, and she tried to tell us the smell was from cleaning with vinegar and tea tree oil. I clean my own home with vinegar and that smell fades. This smell lasted the entire weekend. It was NOT from green cleaning supplies. She also tried to tell us that dogs had never been in the room, when it's advertised as a pet-friendly Airbnb and there were chew marks on the door! I'm not an idiot. We went to breakfast the next morning and tried to talk to her about dogs, horses, etc. and she thawed out a little bit. However, when we got back to the house at 4:00 PM, another couple we hadn't seen before was literally COWERING in the corner of the sitting room. The husband told us in a whisper that we were not allowed to speak in the house because Vicki was napping. Really? We paid $150 per night and we're not allowed to speak? I never saw that couple again, so I assume they left. That's just too weird. We successfully avoided Vicki for the rest of the weekend. I have a feeling that their ratings would not be so high if you got to rate an AirBnb for hospitality. I have never felt so unwelcome in my entire life. Vicki was so incredibly unpleasant...
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Seriously. Too much drama!! You did a great job of lying and exaggerating the situation. You had weeks/a month to get your intinerary in order and talk with us but are blaming it on the hurricane! You came into the wrong room and disrupted 10 puppies and I needed you to go to the right entrance. I took your bags and met you there. Your room had just been cleaned!! If you don't like dogs why did you book a room in a dog friendly place. You were snobby and arrogant and made everyone staying there uncomfortable!! No one was cowering from US! You are both very dramatic and love to embellish things. You admitted you'd had a rough trip getting to Asheville. Why don't you share that part and not throw us under the bus!! Try taking some responsibility!

Yes the room is private and the location is decent but the host was very unpleasant. I would not recommend.
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You seemed happy enough with us while we chatted and you pet the puppies, despite your not contacting us for directions and coming in the wrong entrance. I took you up to your room, showed you around. We were polite and pleasant. Perhaps you should take responsibility for you own actions and not throwing us under the bus.

The room was very private, but despite the window unit we got rather hot. The owner has several pets living in the home so it does have a bit of a dog smell. Breakfast in the morning was nice, but make sure you text the owners to let them know you want it. We had a bit of confusion about the process.
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Seriously...bugs!! Never ever heard that. Do you mean like an ant or a fly!! You had your own air conditioning unit during a heat wave. And the dogs are not even in that part of the house, we have only hardwood floors and they do not smell. And I had breakfast ready for you just as I promised. You could have knocked on the kitchen door to say you were there. Perhaps the Holiday Inn would be better for you all. Oh well.

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Neeraj and I are pretty relaxed folks, love to travel, and have so many interests and life experiences from all over the World. We love to talk about environmental issues, different religions and about our love of Ethiopia, doggies, and horses. We are so grateful for the many hundreds of delightful, heartful guests who have graced our Asheville Green Cottage B & B since we opened in 2006.

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