Lille Danser is a 50' replica of a danish revenue cuttershe enjoys a side-tie in Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island. This is your dockside view from the port bow.
Lille Danser Sailing Charter at Poulsbo
Poulsbo WAにある50 'の伝統的なガフカッター 。甘いスカンジナビアの村のコックピットで吊るす
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50' traditional Gaff Cutter located in Poulsbo WA
. Enjoy hanging in the cockpit in a sweet scandanavian village


LILLE DANSER Sailing Charter

Located in Poulsbo. if we are out sailing, you can see us via shipfinder- "lilledanser"

Join us for a optional 2-hour hand's on sail for up to 6 passengers (add'l fee), followed by an overnight dockside on a traditional 50' gaff cutter and light breakfast in the morning.

The vessel 'Lille Danser' has a double berth aft, a covered cockpit, pilot berth in the galley, and a double V berth forward that converts to a double. The galley offers a coffee/tea pot and old fashioned "ice" box. We offer a small electric heater and electric blankets. Pets and children are welcome. You will have the whole boat to yourself dockside. $5 overnight parking. Coin-op Showers and laundry. The area walking distance to shops in the small scandanavian village.

This is a great way to enjoy Puget Sound.

Here's a recap of fees:
parking - $5 per day
berth and breakfast for two = $160 base
Additional guests= $10 each
Pets = $20 total
Sail = $200 includes up to six passengers, 2 hour hand's on sailing
Inflatable rowing dinghy rental = free if you pump it up and put it away after.
Ride to/or from the Bainbridge ferry to Poulsbo (11 miles) for 6 passengers-- $20 anytime.


マリーナに停泊している船舶全体にアクセスできます。ギャレーのプロパンは、安全トレーニングの後にのみ利用できます。 マリーナには駐車場、暖房付きトイレ、コインランドリー、洗濯機があります。
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Guests will have access to the entire vessel moored in a marina. The galley propane is only available following safety training.
The marina has parking, heated restrooms, coin operated showers, laundry.


I usually meet each guest at the marina parking lot to check in and show them the marina, and review things like how to use the heads, water pump and heaters. If we are planning to add the sail, we'd often have it at check in. Once they are settled for the night, I'm available from my home but I leave them with the boat to themselves. They self check out and send me a text to let me know.


アイスボックスがあります.. ゲストは帆に食べ物と飲み物を持参することができます。私はライフジャケットを持っています。 ペットと子供は大歓迎です。ペット料金があります。 ヒーターと電気毛布がありますが、セイルのために暖かいドレスです。 ハイヒールやハイヒールのブーツを着用しないでください。 ボートには小さなトランジスタラジオがあり、それは電子エンターテインメントのためのものです。 **更新された2016 * 1泊以上のご滞在の詳細** 1.漏れ。大きな豪雨がある場合、オーバーヘッドハッチを介して前方岸壁にドリップがあります。重い暴風がある場合のために、私はドックボックスにキャンバスカバーを持っています。 2.飲料水 - コールドラインのみで濾過。私はボートに55リットルの水タンクの膀胱を設置し、皿洗いのために2日間続きました。それを埋めるには、デッキフィッティングを開き、ドックホースから水を加える必要があります。ボートには一定の給水がありません。ティーポットを使って食器のためのお湯を作ることもできます。ウォーターポンプが始動しているとき、タンクを満たす時間です。 3.アイスボックス。ギャレーには深くて断熱されたロッカーがあり、クーラーとして機能します。私はプレートを凍らせて始めるでしょう。 3.配線。ボートには2つの電気システムがあります。世帯のアウトレットは110で、電源は海岸から来ています。ボートの前半に15アンペア、後に15アンペアの30アンペアがあります。残りの配線はすべて12ボルトです。ボートには、12ボルトワイヤハーネスが見えるが有害ではない場所がいくつかある。 4.熱。アウトレットに接続するヒーターは3つあります。各キャビンには1つがありますが、アンペア数には限界があり、一度に1つまたは2つしかできません。小さな薪ストーブもあります---本当に小さいです。後部キャビンには電気毛布があります。 ヘッド。頭には3つのオプションがあります。マリーナにはトイレ、コイン・オン・シャワー、洗濯物があります。ボートは70年代に私が外したスルーホイルトイレで造られました。私は後部キャビンの頭に "週末の"キャンプトイレを持っています。ベースには、内容物を保持タンクに落とすためのトラップドアがあります。それは2ガロンの液体を保持します。トイレットペーパーはゴミ箱に入っていて、おそらく頻繁に空にする必要があります。遅い夜には便利ですので、トイレまで歩く必要はありません。すべてのトイレットペーパーがゴミに入れられます。 ギャレー私は短期滞在のために電気ティーポット、コーヒーポット、ワッフルアイロン、トースターを設置しました。ボートにはプロパンストーブ、ブロイラー、オーブンがあります。どんな船でも、エスケープされたプロパンはビルジに沈み、捕集されて無限に可燃性のままです。プロパンの警告をするセンサーがあり、プロパンの使用について訓練します。デッキにはプロパンBBQもありますが、これには同じ問題はありません。プロパンは通常入手できないので、非常に限られた調理器具があります。一度あなたがここにいると、あなたは私にポットやパンの希望リストを与えることができます。私は彼らを家から連れてきます。
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There is a ice box..
Guest are welcome to bring food and drink on the sail. I have life jackets.
Pets and kids are welcome. There is a pet fee.
There are heaters and electric blanket but still dress warm for the sail.
Please avoid wearing high heels or high heeled boots.
The boat has a small transistor radio and that is it for electronic entertainment.

**updated 2016* details for stays longer than 1 night**
1. Leaks. If there is a major downpour, there is a drip over the forward berth through the overhead hatch. I have a canvas cover in the dock box in case there is a heavy rainstorm.

2. Potable Water- filtered on cold line only. I installed a 55 liter water tank bladder in the boat that lasts a couple days for washing dishes. To fill it, you will need to open the deck fitting and add water from the dock hose. There is not a constant water supply on the boat. You can also use the teapot to make hot water for dishes. When the water pump kicks on and stays on, it is time to fill the tank.

3. Icebox. There is a deep, insulated locker in the galley that acts as a cooler. I'll start it with the plate frozen.

3. Wiring. There are two electrical systems on the boat. household outlets are 110 and the power comes from the shore. There is 30 amps in all, with 15 amps in the forward half of the boat and 15 amps aft. The rest of the wiring is all 12 volt. There are several places on the boat that the 12 volt wiring harnesses are visible but not harmful.

4. Heat. There are three heaters that plug in to outlets. there is one in each cabin, but with the limit in amperage, there can only be one or two on at a time. There is a small wood stove as well---really small. There is an electric blanket in the aft cabin.

5. Heads. There are three options with the heads. The marina has flushing toilets, coin op showers, and laundry. The boat was built in the 70's with through-hull toilets which I have removed. I have a "weekender" camping toilet in the aft cabin head. There is a trap door at the base to drop the contents to the holding tank. It holds 2 gallons of liquids. The toilet paper goes in the garbage can and both will probably need to be emptied frequently. It is handy for late nights so you don't have to walk up to the restrooms. All toilet paper goes in the garbage.

7. Galley. I have set up electric teapot, coffee pot, waffle iron, and toaster for short stays. The boat has a propane stove, broiler and oven. On any boat-- escaped propane sinks into the bilge and remains collected and flammable indefinitely. I have a sensor to warn of propane and will train you on the use of propane. There is also a propane BBQ on deck-that doesn't have the same issues. There is very limited cookware since the propane isn't usually available. once you are here, you can give me a wish list for pots and pans. I'll bring them from home.




The sail is weather dependent. Once you have secured the date, just let me know what time you would like to sail and we can plan for it, but there is no cancellation fee for the sail. For the sail, I may need to know the sizes to have the life jackets ready-- especially for XL and small kids. If you would like to sail earlier than the check in time, that may be arranged. If you would like to sail the following day, that may work too. It is really important that children have their pfd's (lifejackets) on when they are visiting the docks as well as on the boat.

It really helps to have some information about how you all would like sleeping arrangements when the date is secured. I will be setting up the bunks to fit your group, so just let me know your preference.

The boat is part of our family and we know our guests will treat her gently. There is no smoking inside the boat, but it is okay out on deck, away from any propane or fuels. We appreciate guests being aware of other families enjoying their boats and refrain from loud noise after 10 pm. Other than that---dress warm for the sail in all months of the year. We sail all season. The harbormaster in the office will like to know you are staying aboard, so pass by and say "Hello".

And if,by chance you get some photos that you are willing to share, please send them and I'll put on my page.



Neat location, fun to wake up on the water. 2 min walk from the downtown.

The boat was like something out of the 1800's. It was great! Thank you Tami

Tami made us all feel welcome and right at home on her boat. We chose to include the sail, and our group loved the full experience of it! Location was great for walks into town.

I wanted to do a birthday surprise for my fiancé who loves sailing and renting the Lille Danser did not disappoint! The boat was exactly what we hoped she would be. And Tami was easy to work with and very helpful. It's a great twist to spending the night away. Highly recommend!

Great time on a wonderful quaint boat at a fairylike tiny town. We were lucky to have no winds and very very smooth time on the boat, important for me who gets seasick easy; and unlucky for a wind free weather because we couldn't go sailing. Yet, we had amazing time together exploring little downtown Poulsbo - listening to charming old clock tower, eating delicious Nordic and Italian foods, and enjoying live music we could hear from the boat while enjoying romance of being on board of and old wooden ship surrounded by stars and one screaming harbor seal. Amazing experience very happy we did it!

Tami was a great host. This was our first airbnb so we didn't know what to expect. We opted to take the sail - with a 5 and 7 year old - Tami was patient and kind. We slept great - the beds were surprisingly comfortable! Thanks Tami!

Simply an amazing space and a fantastic host!


ベインブリッジ島, ワシントン州, アメリカ11月 2010からメンバー
I'm the host on the boat: USCG 100T Master inland, owner of Lille Danser Sailing Charter, the Island's Harbormaster, fiddler and rubboard player in WHOZYAMAMA Cajun and Zydeco. I speak Spanish and American Sign Language and some french. I'd been a long time liveaboard and SCUB…
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