view of the cottage from its adjacent gardenlots of space to cook.  two-burner electric stove not shown
Your own Wine Country Cottage
小規模な家族経営の農場で、自分のプライベートワインカントリーコテージを自分のキッチン、バスルーム、庭と庭でお楽しみください。このコテージは、「Tiny House Nation」や「Tiny House Hunters」など、さまざまなテレビ番組に出演しています。
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Stay in your own private wine country cottage with own kitchen, bathroom and yard and garden on a small, family farm. This cottage has been featured in various tv shows including "Tiny House Nation" and "Tiny House Hunters".


小規模の農場に独自のバスタブとキッチンがあるあなた自身のワインカントリーコテージ。コテージはプライベートですが、私どもは質問にお答えしています。コテージはそれ自身の庭と庭があります。駐車場はコテージのすぐ外にあり、そこに行くための歩道や歩道はありません。コテージは農場とユーカリの林を見渡します。フェンスの向こう側に私たちのミニ馬「Comanche」、鶏、羊または2蛇が見えるかもしれません。コテージは均一な温度で完全に絶縁されています。それは明るく、プライベートで、モダンで素朴で開放的な天井と、バーモント・キャスティングの通気式ガス暖炉です。スイッチのフリックと床暖炉の中の美しい、暖かい火を "酔わせる"。バスルームにはガラス張りのシャワー、浴槽はありません。最も快適なマットレスが想像を絶するクイーンサイズのベッドがあります。また、フルサイズのオーガニックウールとコットンコイルの布団ソファが2つ寝ます。最高品質のコットンタオルと寝具のみを提供しています。ゲストは本当にそれを感謝します。 そして、あなたはそこで料理することができます。私たちは2バーナーストーブと小さな対流オーブン、たくさんの鍋、鍋などを持っています。私たちはあなたの農家の新鮮な卵をあなたと共有してくれることを喜んでします。彼らは購入した店舗よりもはるかに優れています! ゲストは専用の庭と座席を独占しています。彼らはイチゴ、サラダ、または他に何が季節にあるかもしれない緑に自分自身を助けることができる場所に付属して小さな庭があります。 私たちは犬、猫、家畜を所有していますが、コテージには動物はいません。ペットを同伴することはできません。これはコテージがきれいになり、アレルゲンフリーであることを保証します。 私たちはゲストのために必要なだけ多くのお客様と交流します。私たちは、プライバシーを気にしていると思っていますが、興味があれば、人々と出会って農場の周りに見せてくれることも大好きです。私たちは、お客様が私たちとどのくらいの交流を望んでいるかを判断させる傾向があります。私たちはその地域をよく知っており、どんな質問にも答えることができます。私たちはまた、新鮮な卵、野菜や果物など、私たちの農場の新鮮なおいしいものを私たちの木から分け合うことも大好きです。 私たちの農場はSebastopolのTwin Hills地区にあります。この望ましい地域は、丘陵、リンゴ果樹園、クリスマスツリーファーム、ブドウ畑で知られています。多くの美しい散歩がドアからすぐに取ることができます。あなたはそれから遠く離れていると感じるかもしれませんが、ダウンタウンは車で10分足らずです。ドアを開けると、私たちの近所から美しいバック道路を取るボデガベイのビーチまで20分です。 近くに3つの主要なワイン試飲ルートがあります。シャルドネとピノ・ノワールのためには、アペラシオン、ロシア川渓谷、オリベット・ロードから川沿いにいらっしゃいます。ヒールズブルクはドライクリーク、アレクサンダーバレーはメルロー、ジンファンデル、カベルネソーヴィニヨンです。これらのすべてが近くにあります。 SebastopolにはIron Horse Vineyards、Lynmar、Balletto、Russian River Vineyards、Dutton Family Winesなどがあります。 私たちの田舎の近所には公共交通機関がないので、周りを歩くには車が必要です。 私たちの地域では、このような様々なことがあります。 Sebastopolは受賞歴のあるワイナリー、レストラン、アンティークショップで有名です。それはまた、芸術的なボヘミアン的な感覚を持ち、多くは遅い食物運動に捧げられている。隣人は、牛乳、蜂蜜、卵、野菜などのお金を定期的に交換します。ボデガ湾のビーチや崖もあります(リクエストに応じてビーチチェア、タオル、クーラーなどを提供しています)。ロシアの川では素晴らしいスイミングやピクニックがあります。 Armstrong Woodsで美しい赤い森を歩くことができます。もちろん、無数のワイナリーやグルメレストランを訪れることもできます。私たちのお気に入りのスポットにあなたを記入することができます。
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Your own wine country cottage with its own bath and kitchen located on a small farm. The cottage is private, but we are available to answer any questions. The cottage has it's own yard and garden. The parking is right outside the cottage with no trails or steps to get to it. The cottage overlooks the farm and a eucalyptus grove. You may see our mini-horse "Comanche", chickens, a sheep or two meander by on the other side of the fence. The cottage is fully insulated for even temperature. It is bright, private, modern rustic with open ceilings and a Vermont Castings vented gas fireplace. A flick of the switch and "voila" a beautiful, warm fire in the hearth. The bathroom has a glass shower, no tub. There is a queen-sized bed with the most comfortable mattress imaginable. There is also full-size organic wool and cotton coil futon sofa that sleeps two. We provide only the highest quality cotton towels and bedding. The guests really appreciate it.
And, you can cook there. We have 2 burner stove and small convection oven, lots of pots, pans, etc. We'd be happy to share our farm fresh eggs with you. They're so much better than store bought!

The guests have exclusive use of a private yard, with seating. There is a small garden attached where they can help themselves to strawberries, greens for a salad or whatever else may be in season.

While we have dogs, cats and farm animals on the property no animals are allowed in the cottage. Guests may not bring pets either. This ensures the cottage stays clean and allergen-free.

We interact with guests as much as necessary for the guests. We assume people like their privacy, but we also love to meet people and show them around the farm if interested. We tend to let the guests determine how much interaction they want with us. We know the area well and are available to answer any questions. We also love to share our farm fresh goodies, like fresh eggs, veggies or fruit from our trees.

Our farm is located in the Twin Hills area of Sebastopol. This desirable area is known for its rolling hills, apple orchards, Christmas Tree Farms, and vineyards. There are many beautiful walks to take right out the door. While you may feel far away from it all, downtown is less than a ten minute drive, and door to door we are twenty minutes to the beaches of Bodega Bay taking beautiful back roads right from our neighborhood.

There are three main wine tasting routes nearby. For chardonnays and pinot noirs you can stay right in our appellation, the Russian River Valley, and Olivet Road to River Rd. Healdsburg is Dry Creek and Alexander Valley for merlots, zinfandels and cabernet sauvignon. All of these and more are nearby. Right in Sebastopol there is Iron Horse Vineyards, Lynmar, Balletto, Russian River Vineyards, Dutton Family Wines and many more.
You will need a car to get around as there is no public transportation in our rural neighborhood.

There is such a variety of things to do in our area. Sebastopol is famous for its award winning wineries, restaurants and antique shops. It also has an artsy bohemian feel, and many are dedicated to the slow food movement. Neighbors regularly trade their bounties with each other, such as milk, honey, eggs and veggies. There is also the beaches and cliffs of Bodega Bay (we provide beach chairs, towels, cooler, etc. upon request), and great swimming and picnicking at the Russian River. You can hike through beautiful redwoods at Armstrong Woods. And of course visit countless wineries and gourmet restaurants. We can fill you in on our favorite spots.


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The guests have exclusive use of a private yard with seating and a picnic table. There is a small garden attached where they can help themselves to strawberries, greens for a salad or whatever else may be in season.


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We assume people primarily want their privacy, but we also love to meet people and show them around the farm if interested. We tend to let the guests determine how much interaction they want with us. We are of course always available to answer questions, give recommendations, etc.




• Check-in time is 4pm or anytime after that.

We want our guests to relax and have fun, but be respectful of neighbors after 10 pm. Sonoma County ordinances requires quiet hours (10 pm-7 am) to be observed by all guests. No loud music, etc. No smoking inside the cabin. NO PETS!! We have worked very hard to keep the cottage pet and allergy-free. Please respect this rule. Our own dogs have never stepped foot in the cottage.

Check out 11:00 a.m.




Not enough positive words in my repertoire to express how comfortable I felt in the lovely little cottage. I highly recommend this sweet place.

Mary, was a great host. She was very friendly and welcoming. The cottage was so lovely. There was a little garden full of fresh veghies that we could harvest and eat. It was the most peaceful and relaxing trip we've had in quite a qhile. I am already planning a return trip for the spring.

Due to the forest fire we did not get the opportunity to stay in the property but Mary was an outstanding host and helped us figure out what to do in the evacuation and where to find safety. Mary gave us so many options and assisted us until we were safe from the fire. I would love to come back and stay here again!

Mary’s “tiny house” cottage was a wonderful retreat in the heart of wine country. It offered the peace and quiet we were looking for in a beautiful location. I’d highly recommend the property for anyone looking for a cozy place to unplug.

We enjoyed an idyllic three-night stay in Mary's quiet cottage, picking homegrown tomatoes from the garden and enjoying the occasional sounds of sheep or a miniature horse nearby. I loved the high open ceiling and floors of reclaimed wood. We made good use of the kitchenette and found the cottage most comfortable for two with a great queen bed, nice couch, and dining table that Mary had set for dinner: Her caring touches were all around, though we never got to see or meet her. The roads to her place, about 3 miles SW of Sebastopol, were a maze the first night but by the next afternoon we knew our way around and enjoyed the network of narrow lanes throughout semi-rural western Sonoma County. We hope to return to Mary's cottage next year--recommended.

Mary's cottage was wonderful. It was the perfect place for a lovely getaway. Mary had fresh tomatoes and eggs for us-- it was heaven! Definitely recommend!

Wonderful place to stay! We stopped for one night on our honeymoon and wished we could have spent more time here! Highly recommend!

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Hi, I'm Mary, was born and raised outside of Boston, then spent ten years in San Francisco where I went to law school and became a human rights lawyer. I then spent ten years in Marin. I moved to my farm in Sebastopol in 2004 because I wanted to live and raise my children …
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