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We organize low budget home stay group bus trip for the travelers.

It's for making opportunity to meet friendly local people and enjoy true Japanese culture.


You can meet international travelers and my local friends during the trip. If you like to meet new people, our trip is the best way to travel Japan.

Please think the price on the list is share-ride trip cost.

It includes accommodation cost at my house and my friend's house.

But there are some cities where you need to book your own accommmodations.

About our house in SHIZUOKA, it has two empty bed rooms, and each room is Japanese traditional style room. You can enjoy Japanese typical style life there.
You can sleep with FUTON (Japanese style mattress).
We cook dinner when we host travelers at my house.

【 Tour Schedule 】

July Tour Schedule
July 14 : Welcome Dinner
July 15 : Mt.Fuji viewing bus trip / Mt.Fuji lake, Water fall etc.
July 16 : River swimming and local sightseeing (If it rain, Kimono or something)

August Tour Schedule
Aug 4 : TOKYO sightseeing *1
Aug 5 : SAMURAI experience *2
Aug 6 : KIMONO experience & River Swimming *2
Aug 8 : Mt.Fuji viewing / SHIRAITO waterfall, TANUKI lake
Aug 9 : KYOTO *3
Aug 10 : KYOTO/ OSAKA *4
Aug 11 : NARA and Ninja village *4
Aug 12 : OSAKA
Aug 13 : Move to HIROSHIMA *5
Aug 14 : Visit Kentaro's place and Party! *5
Aug 16 : Going back to Shizuoka
*1 Anna's House
*2 Mochan's House
*3 Please book your accommodation in KYOTO city
*4 Please book your accommodation in OSAKA city
*5 Please book your accommodation in HIROSHIMA city
You can stay at Anna's House in TOKYO, Mochan's house in SHIZUOKA and Kentaro's House during the tour.
You need hostel booking on 10th, 11th in OSAKA and 9th in KYOTO.
Please book your hostel by yourself.
We will stay at Anna's house in TOKYO on 4th.
And when we stay at my friend's house we pay share-food cost(contribution for hosting us) and have dinner together. It costs 500JPY(5USD)/one dinner.
On Aug 6th my aunt will help KIMONO experience and serve lunch.
Please bring small gift for her if it's possible.

If you want to know other trip schedule, please feel free to contact us.

By the way, you don't need to join the whole trip. You can take a part of it.

But we recommend to join the whole trip.

Anyway, if you like our style Japan trip, why don't you contact us?

We are looking forward to seeing friendly travelers from all over the world!!


My house is in SHIZUOKA city and nearest train station is "JR SHIMIZU station".

You can access our place by train or highway bus from big cities like TOKYO and KYOTO easily.

バスルーム: 1
寝室: 1
ベッド: 16
チェックイン: 17:00時以降ならいつでも
チェックアウト: 11:00
部屋タイプ: シェアルーム


追加人数の料金: ¥ 3337 / 泊 (1名を超えると1名様増毎に加算)
お支払をお守りするためにも、Airbnbのサイトやアプリ以外の場所では決して送金や連絡を行わないようご注意ください。 詳細はこちら







Highly recommended to be the first place on your trip in Japan. Mochan place is filled with warmth and you really get to experience the best of Japan at a very very good rate. Do not expect 5 star hotel but more like a group camping kind of tour. You'll get to know / mix with international friends and even get suggestion on where to go next in Japan. Mochan wish club has been in operation for over 10 years and do note that it may be normal if they ask that you book another day due to the cost needed for the transport and tour. You can also pay the extra when you arrive. It's not about just the price but the people and host that makes this worthwhile and It's really fun!

I gotta admit, this whole setup sounded too good to be true. I am happy to report that the experience exceeded all of my expectations. I didn't know what to expect but as soon as the doors to the wish club bus opened I immediately knew I was in for the time of my life. Do not join this tour if you want your privacy. This tour is for people who want to make friends and meet all types of people. There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed myself on this tour. I am extremely grateful to Mochan and Erika for their passion and hospitality. If you only do one this when visiting Japan, this is by far the one! My only warning would be that if you want to hike Mt. Fuji come prepared. Our group was joy prepared and boy did we get our butts kicked!

I love wish club! Airbnb is making me leave a review for both times i stayed so see my other review for more detail. This tour is the gem of japan!

I stayed with Mochan and the wishclub for the July Mt. Fuji tour, and it was absolutely fantastic. Mochan's energy and enthusiasm creates an environment that is just perfect for cultivating friendships, and starting adventures. Over the week that I toured with mochan, I forged friendships with people from all over the world, which I know will last forever in one form or another, and all I want to do now is travel more and visit them all! Mochan's kindness is unparalleled, together with his wife Erika and new baby Hana they make the perfect team. Anyway, I had a really good time, I couldn't recommend taking the step and hopping on the wishclub bus more. You'll have a great time! I got on the bus for the mountain, I stayed for the vibes, and I left sad to see everyone part ways, but happy I had the memories. Thanks for the memories Mochan!

It was simply awesome to stay with Erika and Mochan. Erika is a great organizer and even though awaiting a child so relaxed with so many people in her house. Mochan is just put fun. You can not help but pick up the great energy when around him. The dinners, tours until pick-up from station everything wonderful :) Amazing how he manages to keep everybody in the group happy despite so many people packed together. Definitely a must do while in Japan!



Shimizu Ward, 日本 · 5月 2012からメンバー
Mochan Wishclubさんのプロフィール

Thank you for reading our profile.

I (mochan) and my wife (Erika) live in SHIZUOKA city near Mt.Fuji.

Shizuoka is 180km west from city center of TOKYO.

Our house has two emrty bed rooms, and each room is Japanese traditional style room. You can enjoy Japanese typical life style.

W are new member of Airbnb, but we have many experience to host travelers from all of the world.

We've been organizing around 10days international mix group home stay bus tour from TOKYO to KYOTO since 2006 by our mini-bus.

When we travel Japan, we stay at my friends' house and enjoy to meet our local friends.

Therfore we can offer many activities during you stay at my house.

For example, Mt.Fuji viewing tour, Japanese cultural experience like KIMONO experience, Tea ceremony and ONSEN(Natural hot-spring) visiting.

Of course we can advice and teach useful information which you need during the Japan tour.

Either way, our pupose to do Airbnb is meeting new people who can be a good friend.

If your purpose to visit Japan is not only sightseeing but also seeing new friendly people, why don't you stop our house and enjoy Japan life for a while together?

We are waiting your contact and we are looking forward to seeing you in Japan!!

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