Downtown Burlington, Walk to Church Street Rm. #5
Downtown Burlington, Walk to Church Street Rm. #5

*New Listing - Better photos coming soon!

Walking distance to it all, this private guest room is in a 7 bedroom community house that is shared among Airbnb travelers from around the globe.


The rooms are simple and clean and geared toward guests who travel light and are seeking convenient accommodations right in downtown Burlington. There are 7 private guest rooms, each with its own unique arrangement. The rest of the spaces are shared with the other guests in the house (16 guests max) and include: a kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, an entryway, a small front porch, a bicycle rack, and a driveway with limited parking (see: Other things to note). The house is professionally cleaned daily, and all linens are professionally laundered through an off-site service.


Feel free to come and go as you please. The whole house was set up with Airbnb guests in mind. The wifi is fast and the coffee is fresh (there’s a Keurig). The kitchen has all the tools you should need to prepare a delicious meal. Help yourself to light snacks and continental breakfast items on the counter and on the help yourself shelf in the fridge. An iron and ironing board are hanging on the back of the basement door, just off the kitchen. The bathrooms are stocked with the essentials, including hair dryers. Board games and books are in the living and dining rooms, and there is a table that has seating for 10. The house has an electronic entry, so there is no need to deal with the hassles of keys. Each individual guest room has an electronic lock as well as air conditioning, a desk with chair or standing laptop space, a Dohm sound conditioner, luggage rack, hangers, spare blanket, etc. to make your stay in Burlington a comfortable one!


Feel free to message me with any questions or needs at any point! I live around the corner and come by daily, and am always happy to chat in person with any guests that are around. I often have Parker, my 2 year old daughter in tow when I come by. She’s a pretty social kid so feel free to say hi and play in the living room with her if you’d like!


*Special note on parking:

There is a driveway beside the house that has room for 3-4 cars (depending on sizes of cars). If space is available and you do not mind your car being blocked by other guests, then feel free to park here. Please be very careful to PARK ONLY ON THE VERY LEFT SIDE of the driveway (closest to the house, marked #38), and pull your car all the way up so other guests can fit behind. This is a shared driveway with the folks who live in the other half of the duplex, so it is important to be mindful of their parking spaces as well. There is a whiteboard in the front hallway to your immediate right when entering the house. This is for guests to coordinate with each other about cars. If you choose to use the driveway, please remember to leave your info on this board.

Warning: Tickets can be steep downtown (like more than the cost of an airbnb night). Make sure to read parking signs carefully. Street parking directly in front of the house is permit-only. If you park in the driveway, do not let your back bumper hang over the sidewalk; you will get a ticket! Also, idling in Burlington is illegal. In the event of a snow ban, plan to park in the driveway or the Marketplace Parking Garage (free during parking bans). Any vehicles left on the streets during snow bans are towed and fined and trust me it’s not fun!

If you prefer easier access to your vehicle or if the driveway is full, there are a handful of good options:

Marketplace Parking Garage
47 South Winooski Avenue
Accepts: Cash, Credit
Rate: First 2 hours free; $10 overnight
5 minute walk to the house

Buell Street between South Winooski and South Union
Free 6pm-8am and Sundays/Holidays
Accepts: Parkmobile App, Quarters
Right around the corner from the house. Less than a minute walk.

South Union between Buell and College
Street parking spots
1-2 minute walk to the house

Orchard Terrace (the next block west of South Union)
Street parking spots
1-2 minute walk to the house

Bikes: There is a bike rack behind the building, underneath the fire escape. This can be accessed beside the driveway. Please bring your own lock and lock up as if you were on the street. If you prefer to store your bike inside, you may bring it down into the basement. The basement door is located in the kitchen, next to the stove. Please do not leave your bike on the front porch or in any other common areas beside the bike rack or basement.

お子様に安全とは言えない/不向き (0-12歳)

- Please lock the door to the house behind you when coming or going.
- Dirty dishes can be loaded into the dishwasher. I run/empty it every day.
- There are hooks in your bedroom to hang towels and washcloths instead of leaving them in the bathroom.
- No loud conversations or music between 11pm-7am.
- Not a rule, but I would strongly recommend against leaving anything of value in your vehicle or on the porch overnight. Daytime isn’t too big a deal as long as you take regular precautions.

階段を登らないとたどり着けません - Uneven porch stairs into the house. The house has two flights of stairs.
騒音の可能性あり - This house is downtown, so hearing parties or the bars letting out is a possibility. Dohm sound conditioners are provided in each room.
共用スペースあり - Kitchen, dining room, living room, two bathrooms, an entryway, a small front porch, and the driveway.
一部アメニティは最低限のものです (例: ネットが遅い) - Limited parking on site. Please see: Other things to note.


Thank you Jen!

I would recommend this place to anyone whose looking for a place to stay. The place is "hostel" styled, except you get your own room. Each room has a lock on it, so it is all very secured. Exactly as described and pictures are accurate. I do want to mention that the walls are thin and you can hear everything, so if you're someone looking for more privacy this may not be ideal. Very closely located to restaurants, breweries, shopping ( 2-7 minute drive). I would book again when visiting Burlington.

The place is spacious, well set up, and close to everything. The host communicated clearly and was very sweet. Overall a great stay.

The location is excellent! Was able to walk most of the trip. The value was great, but you do have to share space with others. It had snacks, towels and an extra blanket. Overall a great experience and would recommend this to others that are looking for a great value and location.

This room was very clean and comfortable with it's own lock. The bathroom was also super clean. The place is fairly barebones, not particularly charming, but if you are looking for a secure, clean, centrally located accommodation that won't break the bank you will be very happy with this room.

Perfect walking distance from church st, easy access to house.

Jen's place was in the perfect location and the room and the accommodations were everything and more. Highly recommend!

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Hi, I’m Jen! I love exploring the far reaches of this planet and meeting folks from all walks of life. These days are spent closer to home in Burlington with my 1.5 year old daughter, Parker. Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more!

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