This place with private bathroom and a separate entrance from the front yard is very comfortable for a single, a couple, or a small family. You are in a private space, like in a hotel or an apartment, but without a kitchen and dining area.

A homemade breakfast is provided for an additional charge of $5. Use of shared kitchen and jacuzzi is for a small charge too. Use of a pool in the backyard of the house is free.

The second bed is not permanently in the room to make more space for couples.


クイーンベッド1台と2名用コーチは、デフォルトでは客室内に設置されていますが、3人目と4人目のエキストラベッドの可能性があります。 部屋には、家の前庭からの専用の入り口があります。バスルームもプライベートです。あなたが望むなら、あなたはホストを決して見ることができないかもしれません。それが私たちがカテゴリー「Apartment」の下に置く理由です。
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One queen bed and two-seat coach are set in the room by default, but there is a possibility of an extra bed for a third and fourth person.

The room has a private entrance from the front yard of the house. The bathroom is also private. You may never see the hosts if you wish, and that is why we put it under the category "Apartment".


必要に応じて、キッチン(1日5ドル)、プール(無料)、温水ジャグジー(1日10ドル+ 1グラスのワインをボーナスとして使用できます。プールとジャグジーは裏庭でお互い隣にあります。ジャグジーまたはプールに行く前にシャワーを浴びる必要があります。ジャグジーを加熱するのに約1時間かかります。使用する予定がある場合は事前にお知らせください。
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If needed, you may use Kitchen ($5 per day), unheated Pool(for free) and heated Jacuzzi ($10 per day + 1 glass of wine as a bonus). Pool and Jacuzzi are next to each other in the backyard. You are required to take a shower before going to Jacuzzi or Pool. It takes about an hour to heat the Jacuzzi up - please, let us know in advance if you plan to use it.


どんな種類の助けを求めても躊躇しないでください。私はあなたの近くを案内することができます。例えば: 「Sam's Family Spa」 - 私たちの意見では最高ですが、毎日ミネラルウォーターを毎日~$ 15- $ 20人で1日5分で満たします。 "砂漠の温泉" - 様々なサービス、6-8ドルの毎日のアクセス、10分。 "ミラクルスプリングスリゾート&スパ" - 様々なサービス、~12ドルの毎日のアクセス、12分。 ミネラルウォーターを備えたプライベートスパがさらにたくさんあります - 必要に応じてインターネットで検索してください。 サン・ジャシント山の頂上に向かうエア・トレムウェイ - 20分。 パームスプリングスの中心部には数多くの素敵なレストラン、アートギャラリー、博物館などがあります。徒歩20分先です。 その他の砂漠都市も近くにあります。
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Do not hesitate to ask for a help of any kind. I can navigate you through the vicinity, for example:

"Sam's Family Spa" - the best in our opinion, they fill mineral water fresh every day, ~$15-$20 per person per day, 5 min away.

"Desert Hot Springs" - a variety of services, $6-$8 daily access, 10 min away.

"Miracle Springs Resort & Spa" - whole variety of services, ~$12 daily access, 12 min away.

There are many more private spas with mineral water around - search on the Internet if desired.

Air Tramway to the top of San Jacinto mountain - 20 min away.

Many nice restaurants, art galleries, museums, etc. in the center of Palm Springs - 20 min away.

All other Desert Cities are nearby as well.


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The host may drive you around for a sightseeing (negotiable).





• Early check-in is $5 per hour unless agreed otherwise. Check with the host when the room will be ready.

• Park on the sidewalk, please keep garage driveway clear, as the host may need access to the garage at any time. You may move your car all the way on the stones, if you wish, however, there is very little traffic on the street, and it is not very important how and where you park.

• There is another room, on the other side of the porch, with a similar glass sliding door, in which guests may also reside. In case you confuse the rooms, say hi to the other guests :) Your room is on the left from the entrance gate, closer to the main house door, the other room is on the right.

• When you leave the room, please turn off all electrical equipment, including all lights and air vent in both, room and bathroom.

• Read Welcome Notes provided in print with additional details on how to use A/C and all electrical equipment as well as other relevant useful information. Do not hesitate to contact the host in case of any questions.

• No smoking in the room, or in the house, or front- and backyard. Please, if you really need to smoke, take a walk on the surrounding streets. Help us to keep the streets clean - collect the cigarette tabs and put it in the trashcan in the backyard. Absolutely no drugs either.

• You are free to use a fitness equipment, which can be found in the house or outside, but we do not provide training and we are not responsible for possible injuries, use it at your own risk if desired.

• Please, keep it reasonably quiet after 10 pm till 7 am.

• No food in the room, unless you are prepared to take care of a damage to the carpet. Remember that a next guest coming soon enough after you, it would help a lot if you leave the place reasonably clean. There is a suitable table in the front yard right next to your room, or use the table in the dining room.

• If you bring a cooler into the room, make sure it does not leak and that it does not have a wet bottom.

• Late checkout (after 11 am) is $5 per hour due at the beginning of the hour. Please, let us know in advance if you need more time, as we have to check with the next incoming guest to be able to clean the room on time.

• Use of kitchen is $5 per day.

• Use of heated Jacuzzi, with 1 glass of wine as a bonus, is $10 per day.

• Use of unheated Pool is free.

• Breakfast ($5 per person) is served warm in the morning at the time agreed. Please, let us know:
- the time you would like to have breakfast, 9 am by default.
- if there is a food you do not eat.
- where to serve it, in the dining room inside the house by default, or outside on the shaded table in the front yard.

一部アメニティは最低限のものです (例: ネットが遅い) - There is no TV, as noted in the listing. You can use your phone or notebook to watch what you need over Wi-Fi.



Very nice and clean place.

Difficile accès à la cuisine mais pour 5 $ un merveilleux petit déjeuner dans la cour du jardin
Thanks, Jacques, for the review. However, you did not even let us know that you entered the main part of the house and left something in the kitchen. Not to mention that you did not pay kitchen fee either. People, who properly communicate their needs to us do not have difficulties to access the kitchen or anything else :-)

Marie is really great. I recommend the breakfast

A bit off the beaten path. Very comfortable, clean and spacious room. The pool was an extra plus.

Marie's home is immaculate. She and her husband did everything possible to make my family feel welcome. Very beautiful home and pool. The private bedrooms are a good size, much bigger than anticipated! Next time we roll through Palm Springs, we hope to stay with her again!

George E.さんのプロフィール
If you are looking for clean, quite, and relaxing. This is the place. We will return. Super awesome host.

Marie's place was perfect.

デザートホットスプリングス, カリフォルニア州, アメリカ1月 2016からメンバー
I am waiting to make your visit a memorable one in the desert! I am friendly woman who loves hosting guests, so AIRBNB is perfect for me. I am married. I like to travel, outdoors, art and music.
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