Your bedroom. (Well, your bed.)A view from your bed
Big Gorgeous Room in Uptown--Sauna!
Big Gorgeous Room in Uptown--Sauna!
ビクトリア朝の家庭にある大型の専用2階寝室には、ミニ冷蔵庫、電子レンジなどが備わります。すべての近くに素晴らしいアップタウンの場所、次の部屋に赤外線サウナ、階下のスペース(キッチン&catioを含む)へのアクセス。スーパーホスト! (そして猫も。)
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Large private second-floor bedroom in Victorian home with mini-fridge, microwave, more. Fabulous Uptown location close to everything, infrared sauna in next room, access to downstairs spaces (including kitchen & catio). SuperHosts! (And cats, too.)


2階のプライベートルームは素敵で、よく整えられ、寛大なサイズ(約14 x 16フィート)です。クイーンベッドでは、1~2名様に最適です。客室にはミニ冷蔵庫、電子レンジ、電気ポットがあり、快適な読書用の椅子、書斎/コンピュータデスク、十分な衣類の収納に加えて、39インチのフラットスクリーンテレビもあります。紅茶の品揃えと一緒に。 ケーブルなし:私たちはコードを切断しました。しかし、あなたはNetflixと他のオプションを搭載したRokuを持っています。 あなたの寝室は静かな通りに見えますが、中央に位置していても交通量はほとんどありません。 あなたのドアのすぐ外にフルバスルームがあります。 Sheriと私もそれを使用していますが、私たちは立ち上がり時間と睡眠時間に優先順位をつけようとします。 キッチン、ダイニングエリア、関連する「アトリウム」、サウナルーム、フロント1階の部屋、スクリーニングされたポーチa / k / a「catio」、その他の多くの家屋にアクセスできます。外食用のパティオ。 2階のフルバスルームに加えて、1階にはハーフバスがあります。 あなたの隣の部屋には、レギュラーサウナのような赤外線サウナがあります。気温が180度以上になる通常のサウナとは違って、これは130を上回りますが、あなたは同じくらい汗を流します。楽しむのはあなたのものです。 洗濯機/乾燥機を使用することもできます。 いくつかの部屋は制限外です。これらは明確にマークされています。 私たちはあなたとやりとりでき、幸せにあなたを一人のままにしています。食事やショッピングなどの情報が必要な場合は、あなたのためのリソースとなることを嬉しく思っています。私たちは町と地域社会を愛し、地元のすべてのことを熱心に支持しており、地元の知識をあなたと共有しています。私たちは自宅で仕事をしているので、私たちはたくさんのことをしており、可用性の面での対応に全力で取り組んでいます。 正面玄関からはかなり離れていますが、Uptown Kingstonの素晴らしさがあります。私たちは家の1/2マイル以内に46の革命時代の石造りの家を持っています。最も近い交差点は、米国内で唯一のものであり、4つのコーナーすべてで歴史的に石造りの家を連続して占有しています。 アップタウンキングストンは歩きやすいコミュニティです。わずかに離れたショッピング街には、歩道があります。「北のニューオーリンズ」と呼ばれています。家から徒歩数分の素晴らしいレストラン、バー、ショッピングがあります。 キングストンは小さな都市である「マイクロポリス」です。 Rondoutと呼ばれる美しいウォーターフロント地区が車で10分の距離にあります。キングストンは、ウッズストック、ラインベック、ニューパルツのような町と15~20分の距離のキャッツキルズへの入り口と呼ばれています。 不動産ブローカーは「場所、場所、場所」について話しており、それを入手しています。私たちの家はNYSスルーウェイ(出口19)から2マイル離れたところにあり、アルバニーとニューヨークの間の主要な停留所であるトレイルウェイズバスステーションから数ブロックです。 オメガ研究所から約35分です。 オンストリートパーキングは問題ありません。 ボジ、モジョ、アジャの3匹の猫がいます。あなたは猫にアレルギーを発症しないようにする必要があります。うまくいけば、あなたはそれらを楽しむ(または少なくとも容認する)でしょう。 私たちは自宅で毒性のないクリーナーのみを使用しています。
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Your second-floor private room is lovely, well-appointed and generously sized (roughly 14 x 16 feet). With a queen bed, it's great for one or two people. There's a big ol' 39" flat-screen TV along with comfortable reading chairs, a writing/computer desk and ample clothes storage. Three windows and a tin ceiling! There is also a mini-fridge, microwave and electric kettle in your room, along with an assortment of teas.

No cable: we've cut the cord. But you will have Roku, loaded with Netflix and other options.

Your bedroom looks out on a quiet street that, though centrally located, has little traffic.

There is a full bathroom immediately outside your door. Sheri and I also use it, although we try to give you priority access during the rise'n'shine and time-to-sleep hours.

You have access to much of the rest of the house -- our kitchen, dining area and associated "atrium," the sauna room, the front first-floor room, a screened-in porch a/k/a "catio," and a patio for outside dining. In addition to the full bathroom on the second floor, there's a half-bath on the ground floor.

In the room adjacent to yours, there's an infra-red sauna, which is like a regular sauna, only better. Unlike your normal sauna, where the temperature hits 180 degrees or more, this one tops out at 130, but you'll sweat just as much. It's yours to enjoy.

You may also use our washer/dryer.

A few rooms are off limits. These are clearly marked.

We're happy to interact with you and happy to leave you alone. If you want information about dining, shopping and such, we're delighted to be a resource for you. We love our town and community, are ardent advocates of all things local, and are happy to share our local knowledge with you. Because we work at home, we're around a lot and do our best to be accommodating in terms of availability.

Pretty much out the front door, there's the wonderfulness of Uptown Kingston. We have 46 Revolutionary-era stone houses within 1/2 mile of our house. The closest intersection is the only one in the United States with continuously occupied historic stone houses at all four corners.

Uptown Kingston is a totally walkable community. The shopping district, barely a block away, has arcaded sidewalks: It's been called the "New Orleans of the north." There are great restaurants, bars and shopping a few minutes by foot from the house.

Kingston is a "micropolis," a small city. There's a lovely waterfront district called the Rondout ten minutes' drive away. Kingston has been called the Gateway to the Catskills, with towns like Woodstock, Rhinebeck and New Paltz 15-20 minutes away.

Real estate brokers talk about "location, location, location" and we've got it. Our house is less then 2 miles off the NYS Thruway (Exit 19) and a couple of blocks from the Trailways bus station, which is a main stop between Albany and New York City.

We're about 35 minutes from the Omega Institute.

On-street parking is available and not a problem.

We have three cats--Bodhi, Mojo and Aja. You will need to not be allergic to cats. Hopefully you will enjoy (or at least tolerate) them.

We use only non-toxic cleaners in our home.


私たちのサウナルーム、キッチン、関連エリア(ダイニングテーブル、「アトリウム」)、「catio」(上品なポーチ)、裏庭(ダイニングテーブルとハンモックを完備しています) 。
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In addition to your private bedroom, you are welcome to use our sauna room, our kitchen and related areas (dining table, 'atrium'), our 'catio' (a screened porch) and our backyard (complete with dining table and hammock).


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We're happy to interact with you and be sociable; we're also happy to leave you alone. We're always available to provide tips about our lovely town and community.


あなたの共用バスルームはあなたのベッドルームのすぐ隣にあり、共用ホールでアクセスできます。 1階にはハーフバスがあり、ホストのドアの外にあるバスルームの必要性が大幅に軽減されます。
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Your shared bathroom is immediately adjacent to your bedroom and accessed via a shared hall. There is a half-bath on the first floor, which greatly reduces your hosts' need for the bathroom outside your door.


We expect our guests to treat us and the house as respectfully and considerately as we will treat you. No pets, please. (We like dogs, but our cats don't.) And, surely no surprise: No smoking.

You have your own mini-fridge for storing leftovers and such. Your own microwave, too. We provide complimentary tea and coffee (there's an electric kettle in your room; we have a Tassimo coffee-maker and an espresso maker in our kitchen, which you are welcome to use).

Never let the cats out! You can make sure this doesn't happen by never leaving the door open for any length of time (for instance, don't chat on either side of the open door) and by always locking the door after coming in or out. This is really important. Aja, Bodhi and Mojo have always been indoor cats and wouldn't know what to do if they got out.



Wonderful hosts and a very friendly Airbnb. Good communications ahead of time, and we were made to feel very welcome. The room was clean and comfortable. Would recommend!

Carl and Sheri were such gracious and accommodating hosts. Their spot was so cozy and cute and exactly what we needed for our last minute extended night of vacation in upstate NY. Their infrared sauna was fabulous for our cold and tired traveling bones and we slept so well. Their recommendations for breakfast places and activities in and around Kingston were great. And they event provided us with tea and snacks! Couldn't have asked for a better spot to stay. Thanks again!

A wonderful place by town center. I definitely recommend

Carl’s place was great. He’s super knowledgeable of his town, made me feel welcome and gave me some great recommendations on where to go eat. My room was comfortable with TONS of amenities, shower was great and it was easy to get in and out. I would stay there again.

This bnb is charming and well-appointed with everything you could possibly forget to pack. Carl and Sheri and their three lovely kitties were the perfect hosts for my brief stay in Kingston. Thank you!

Carl’s place is very centrally located in Kingston, in a quaint neighborhood, very easy to walk around. Our bedroom was quiet and we were able to rest well. There is a shared bathroom but Carl makes it easy to indicate if you’re in and, if so, they clear out of the way. We never had any problems and they were extremely accommodating and provided good local recommendations!

Carl was very responsive to my questions before the trip. Sheri greeted us with warmth and she gave us a very detailed tour of the house. She also gave us recommendation on local restaurants/bars. Carl was very considerate in communicating. He left notes in front of door whenever he needed to inform us of something rather than knocking the door. Overall it was an enjoyable experience!

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