Studio in the woods overlooking Pond
Studio in the woods overlooking Pond
年齢2 - 12

This is the perfect couple's getaway; this studio apartment is on 5 acres of land dotted by old-growth trees and lovely gardens, towering fir trees, lush greenery on a beautiful private Pond, ten-minute drive or taxi from the ferry. The best Thai restaurant only one mile away, with the most delicious food ever. The leisurely walk to the football stadium is preferable to staying in Seattle. Free Wi-Fi.


This is the perfect couple's getaway. This studio apartment is on 5 acres of land dotted by old-growth trees and lovely gardens, towering fir trees, lush greenery on a beautiful private Pond, there are ducks and geese hanging out on the pond with turtles who like to be sunning on the floating logs, you can see squirrels chasing each other though the trees while stealing bird seed from the feeder. Otter and deer occasionally pass through, so you’ll probably spot some fun wildlife while you take in the scenery!
We have wood ducks, king fisher, mergansers and blue heron occasionally visit, there are two geese fly back every year, nest the same spot every year too, and they will fly away after baby geese strong enough to fly, but one thing I am very confusing, they fly back alone every year, where are their babies? ^_^ (update: 7 baby geese just hatched today (04/27), they are so adorable! and baby ducks will hatch soon too)
There’s a fire pit for creating a beautiful and romantic setting. Hopefully the frogs won’t keep you up too late.
This Studio apartment with its private staircase entrance is on the second floor above the office, it is 500 sq. ft. of uniquely crafted wood trim, slate & hardwood floors.
This custom-built home is rustic and charming, homey and inviting in its decor and furnishings. The cute kitchen offers basic necessities to cook, with range, microwave, toaster, and fridge.
This rental is within easy walking distance of exploring Gazzam lake and its forest trails. The best Thai restaurant only minutes away, with the most delicious food ever.
Seahawks fans can take ferry to the stadium.The leisurely walk to the game is preferable to staying in Seattle.

Check in anytime after 4pm, check out anytime before 12 pm. but we are flexible, if nobody check out the same day you check in, then you can check in earlier, so please ask.

(Employees come in the morning, grab tools and vehicles leave for the day.)

Free Wi-Fi
Nonsmoking only
not suitable for kids
Pets not allowed
Wheelchair inaccessible


Directions from ferry;
Off boat – north on hwy 305 to high school rd –turn left – follow west all the way till end – fletcher bay rd –turn right – at 4way stop turn left (fletcher bay /new Brooklyn) head west to Springridge rd turn left – follow all the way to top (about ¾ mi), drive way on left 7418 --- come down drive hook first left – shop /apartment next to pond


Please contact me at (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) if you have any question.


Employees come in the morning, grab tools and vehicles leave for the day.



追加人数の料金 無料
清掃料金 ¥3467
週の割引率: 12%

お子様に安全とは言えない/不向き (0-12歳)
セルフチェックイン(smart lock)





Rain's place was a great weekend retreat. It's quiet, super clean, comfortable and has everything you may need. It's also a great location to undertake bike rides from, around Bainbridge Island or to the Olympic Peninsula. Communication with Rain was flawless. I would definitely stay again.

This place is nothing short of amazing. Rain was a great host and quick to respond with any questions.

Rain's comfortable studio in its beautiful setting provided the perfect weekend getaway. Just minutes from the ferry, it is ideally located. We hope to return many times in the future.

Lovely spot and easy to communicate with Rain. The employees for their business do show up around 7-7:30AM so if you want to sleep in this may not be the place for you (talking, loading vans, reverse beeping, etc). Also lots of evidence of construction business behind the studio apartment (dumpsters, wood piles, flooring material debris, etc), but your view from the front of the studio is rustic with majestic trees.

Cori & Rodさんのプロフィール
This is a lovely studio apartment in the woods with lots of beautiful decorating touches. It was clean, quiet and comfortable with everything we needed for our 2 day stay there.

Rain's place was perfect for me and my wife. The room is a perfect size for a couple and the location is incredible. We loved the pond that featured all kinds of little creatures. It's clean and spacious with high ceilings. Our favorite part was sitting on the deck in the morning drinking coffee while the birds were zooming past us and chirping all around. It's a nice getaway if you like being in nature but close to town. Rain and Howie are very respectful of your privacy. They are also very nice and welcoming. We will definitely be back for another stay! I highly recommend this room for anyone!

Rain and how Howie made us feel very welcome. It is a beautiful property. We enjoyed the privacy and peace and quiet the property offered.

ベインブリッジ島, ワシントン州, アメリカ6月 2016からメンバー

I am Rain, I am from China, if you heard about Terracotta Army in China, my home town only half hour drive from there, I have lived in America for 9 years, my main job is taking care my yard and all the wild animals, like honeybird, ducks, geese etc.
I am so happy I have lots animal friends. Geese and ducks fly back every year, have baby here and fly away when babies strong enough to fly. two geese definitely treat me as family, when I get really close to their nest, goose mom won’t feel scared, goose father just pretending didn’t see me, but sometimes when eagle fly over, stay on top of the tree, goose father will fight with eagle until he leave, I have seen goose father fight with eagle, even fight with raccoon, wow! What a warrior goose! But most of time he is very gentle, never chase other ducks away for food, but he is warrior when he protect his wife and his baby. And he is the police of all the ducks, if he see ducks fighting, he will swim over there to chase them apart, saying “hey, no fighting, don’t scare my wife and my baby! ” hehe…
and goose mom, I just can’t believe how amazing mother nature is, I watched her gathering all the leafs to make nice nest, and every time when she come out her nest, she will pull lots her feather to cover all the eggs, make sure baby eggs are safe and warm, then leave to eat for a very short time, and she make nest on the island of the pond every year, every time, when I heard goose father happy screaming, I know goose mom is leaving her nest, I will immediately rush out to feed them. when they see me, they just so happy to run to me, and they can even eat on my hand! I love that feelings, love them treat me as family and I am so proud of myself can have so many wild animal friends.
Now we have wood ducks on the pond almost every day, wood ducks are so timid, when they first week got here, if they see us, they will immediately fly away, they dare not to eat with other ducks and geese, but after 2 weeks, they can eat with them together, now, they knows all my property, they know where have sunflower seeds dropped from the bird feeder, they know where is the spot I usually feed them, and I am trying to feel them, make them stay, because they are so beautiful! Seems like I have succeed! But they will still swim away (not fly away) when I feed them, when I leave, they will immediately swim back to eat, they already get use to have “human” walk around, not feel scared anymore.
Hmm, I have to stop, because i can tell you all my animals story all day long, they are amazing! I love living in this property, and I love nature, love sleeping with frag sound, love taking hot tub while raining, love seeing my new flower come out every week, I even love doing yard work under rain, just so enjoyable! I guess, I know why I name myself “Rain” when I was in high school, because I just love rain, and I come to the right place! Lots rain!
And I want to say the most is I love my husband, he is lot older than me, but I love him with all my heart, he has huge heart, always help people, I have heard one lady told me, he is the one she respect the most in her life, because she knows whenever she has hard time, she knows there is one she can count on, and will always be there for her, that is my husband! And I am so lucky to marry him and come to America, have such wonderful life, even sometimes feel really tired after all the yard work, but I am still really happy, I do most yard work myself, because I don’t feel good when yard work guy not pay attention killed my flower sometimes, so I start to do it myself. most morning when I wake up, first thing to do is to check all my flowers, see if they are happy or if deer eat them, mention deer, really give me headache, hate them when they eat my flowers, but love them when baby deer and mom lie on grass enjoy sunshine, so peaceful! don’t know what to do with them, try to talk to them, don’t eat my flower! not sure if they listen, one thing I know, they are not good listener!
In my spare time, I like to read book, and make some hand make stuff, like handmade switch plate cover, and I also like embroidering picture, sewing cloth, etc. I love America, people so friendly here, one thing I can’t change, i still love Chinese food, still can’t stand America food, I guess I am Chinese , have Chinese blood, not easy to change ^_^
I wrote this all by myself with no help, my English is not that good, I hope you can understand my English and feel my love. ^_^

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