Kitchen area with stoveKitchen area with fridge, microwave, toaster, and coffee machine
The Lil' Cozy on Ferry Ave.

*PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BEFORE BOOKING*This is a charmingly cozy and modest 1 bedroom apartment. Your very own private living space located on the 1st floor of this two story home. We ARE on the U.S. side. About a 5-8min. drive, or 45min. walk to Niagara Falls and all it's attractions. Neighborhood is peaceful. Plenty of parking. The second floor apartment is also a B&B and may be booked with travellers (like you) during your stay. The apartments are PRIVATE and are on SEPARATE FLOORS.


- 写真はアパートの特徴を詳述し、私たちの空間がどんなものかを見てくれます。 1階に位置し、3名様(クイーンベッド1台とフルサイズベッド1台)を収容可能な居心地の良いアパートメントです。 -------------- **** UPSTAIRS **** ---------------- - 上階のアパートメントもB&Bで、ゲストを予約することができます。あなたとあなたのゲストは完全に独立しており、2階とは別です。共有エリアはメインの階下の廊下と地下室です。 ____________*******地下___________________ また、地下室に設置された洗濯機と乾燥機を無料で利用できます。どちらのアパートメントも独自の裁量で使用できます。洗剤および乾燥機シートが提供される。 ______________******リビングルーム*****_________________ - リビングルームには45インチフラットスクリーンテレビ、DVDプレーヤー(要リクエスト)、ケーブルテレビ、フルサイズのソファ、フルサイズの布団が備わっています。リビングルームにはアイロンとアイロン台と追加のリネンが備わっています。必要な場合は、掃除機がメインの廊下にあります。 ____________******キッチン****__________________ あなたはまた、必要なすべての主要な家電製品を含む完全装備のキッチンを持っています。 3つの椅子を備えたダイニングテーブル。コーヒーマシン(コーヒー、砂糖、クリームを用意)、ティーケトル(紅茶も用意しています)、電子レンジ、トースター。銀器、プレート、マグカップ、調理器具があります。あなたのゴミを満たしてそれを交換する必要がある場合、BLUEゴミ箱は裏側の柵の近くの裏庭にあります。グリーンビンはリサイクル可能です。ごみ袋はキッチンシンクの下にあります。 _____________ *****バスルーム______ - 浴槽はシャワーまたはバス用です。新鮮なタオル、石鹸、シャンプー、コンディショナー、ヘアドライヤーを用意しています。バスルームのクローゼットには余分なアメニティも備わっています。ほとんどの場合、私たちがそこにいると考えることができます。 _____________ *****ベッドルーム___________________ _ベッドルームにはクイーンサイズのベッドがあります。リネンは清潔でフレッシュで、すべてのゲスト出発後に変更されています。目覚まし時計付きのベッドサイドテーブル、鏡付きのドレッサー、クローゼットがあります。ベッドルームのクローゼットにはハンガーと余分なリネンが含まれています。
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-The photos detail the character of the apartment, and give you a look into what our space looks like. It is a COZY, QUAINT and COMPLETELY PRIVATE apartment, located on the first floor which can accommodate 3 people ( 1 queen bed and a full sized futon bed ).
-The upstairs apartment is also a B&B and guests may be booked. You and your guests are fully independent and separate from the second floor. Shared areas are the main downstairs hallway, and the basement.
-You also have free access to the washer and dryer located in the basement. Both apartments can use at their own discretion. Detergent and dryer sheets are provided.
______________******LIVING ROOM*****_________________
-The living room has a 45" Flat screen T.V. also a D.V.D. player is available upon request. Cable and wifi included. It also has a full couch and the full sized futon. The television console holds cards and board games. The linen closet in the livingroom holds the iron and ironing board and also extra linens. The vacuum cleaner is in the main hallway if you need it.
-You also have a fully equipped kitchen, containing all needed major appliances. A dining table with 3 chairs. Coffee machine, ( with coffee, sugar and creamers provided) a tea kettle (we also provide the tea), microwave, and toaster. There is silverware, plates, mugs and cooking utensils. If you have filled your garbage and need to change it the BLUE garbage bins are located in backyard near the fence toward the back. The GREEN bins are for recyclables. Garbage bags are under kitchen sink.
-The bathroom tub is for showers or baths and we provide fresh towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner and hair dryer. Extra toiletries are stocked as well in the bathroom closet. Most likely anything you can think of we have in there.
_The bedroom has a queen size bed. The linens are clean, fresh and changed after all guest departure. There is a bedside table with alarm clock, a dresser with mirror and closet. The bedroom closet contains hangers and extra linens.


- ゲストはメインの廊下、1階と地下室にアクセスできます。洗濯機と乾燥機は地下にあります。また、アパートのスペースを増やしたい場合は、荷物を保管することもできます。 他の人と一緒にすでに予約しているかもしれないので、2階には行かないでください。 - 裏庭も利用可能です。
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-Guest have access to the main hallway, first floor and the basement. The washer and dryer are in the basement. Also if you want more space in the apartment, you can store luggage there as well.
-Please do not go up to second floor, as we may have it booked already with other bnb people.
-The backyard is also available.


- 私たちは常にあなたのプライバシーを尊重し、あなた自身をあなたに残します。 - 私たちの自宅の電話で私たちに電話をかけることを躊躇しないでください、またはあなたのニーズのために私達のドア(3015、あなたの左のレンガの家)をノックしてください。また、私たちの自宅の電話番号は冷蔵庫にあります。事故が起きたことを理解しています。あなたは米国への直接的な連絡をお願いします。退室するまで待つことはないので、あなたの滞在が最も快適になるように直ちに修正することができます。
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-We always respect your privacy and will leave you to yourselves.
-Please do not hesitate to give us a call on our home phone, or knock on our door (3015, brick home to the left of you) for any of your needs. Also our home phone number is on the fridge. We understand that mishaps occur, we just ask that you PLEASE CONTACT US RIGHT WAY. Do not wait until you are leaving, so we can rectify it immediately so your stay is most comfortable.


-Because we are directly under the satellite for wifi on days that are cloudy or rainy our wifi may run a little slow for live streaming, but still connects. It has not been a problem as of yet, but just something to keep in mind.
-Remember that there is a second floor. You do not share anything but the main entrance and the basement.
-Most of the time you do not hear each other either, except for the occasional running of water. It is mostly soundproof. Also you may hear (most people do not) the main entrance door if we have people booked who are arriving late.
- For the Summer Months the A.C. unit is located in the bedroom and may be adjusted to your liking.
- For the Winter Months the thermostat for heat is located on the living room wall and may be adjusted to your liking.
- We understand that accidents and mishaps happen. Please always contact us IMMEDIATELY if you need something. We would like to rectify any mishaps right away to make your stay as comfortable and great as possible. If you have questions about directions don't forget to call our home phone number on the fridge, and we are right next door at 3015 if you like to come talk to us directly.

追加人数の料金 無料
乳幼児に安全とは言えない/不向き (2歳未満)

NO parties, No drugs or authorities will be contacted
Please be respectful of our property
NO smoking inside- smoking is permitted ouside ( but please if first floor windows are open we ask to please move down from steps ot to the side of home).
Please NO food in bedroom
Please put all towels you use in the linen hamper in bathroom next to sink
If you are like me, sometimes you can use your towel twice, so if feels damp, hang it on shower curtain rack to dry and it saves electricity.
Only guest that book through airbnb are accepted
Keep space clean. If more than a 1 day stay please tidy up after yourselves there is No daily housekeeping (unless there is an accident and you need us to take care of it as quickly as we can).
Please be considerate and leave the Apartment in same condition as you arrived in.
Quiet hours from 11 p.m.-7 a.m. ( we do have a second level)



Lil' Cozy was cute, clean, and comfortable! Hosts were wonderful and accommodating. Convenient parking, good location.

Great location, easy in and out. Nice people to deal with.

The place was exactly as advertised, nice, clean and very cozy. We were welcomed by the hosts' cat (and later by Greg)! The hosts were generous enough to leave us a loaf of bread so we didn't need to go out for breakfast the next morning. It is also very close to the falls. Wished we could have stayed longer! I highly recommend this place to others who are planning to visit Niagara Falls.

The place was as advertise, Greg and Dana were very welcoming, The place is like a little cozy apartment. Very convenient

Excellent host, the house is very close to the falls, we had a great time staying here, definitely recommend to who wish to visit the niagara falls. Thanks a lot to greg and dana!

Awesome hosts! They made everything so simple and had great communication from booking to check-in/out. Excellent hospitality and the location couldn't be any better.

Excellent communication! Did everything they could to go above and beyond... extremely convenient location!

ナイアガラの滝, ニューヨーク, アメリカ3月 2016からメンバー
Greg And Danaさんのプロフィール

Welcome to "The Lil' Cozy" on Ferry Ave. We are your hosts, Greg and Dana. We've been happily married for over 10 years. Both of us were born and raised here and have lived here our whole lives thus far. We have been hosting two airbnb's for over a year now, and we sincerely love welcoming travellers to our city and providing all our guests with a home away from home experience. We will be there whenever you need us, seeing as we live directly next door. On the other hand we absolutely value your privacy. We hope you enjoy your trip and our cozy abode and we look forward to having you stay with us.

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