Cherrywood tableThe Lost Coast Tower
The Lost Coast Tower, Petrolia
The Lost Coast Tower, Petrolia

下矢印キーを押すと、カレンダーの操作と日付の選択が可能になります。クエスチョンマークのキーを押すと、日付の変更に必要なキーボード ショートカットをご紹介します。


下矢印キーを押すと、カレンダーの操作と日付の選択が可能になります。クエスチョンマークのキーを押すと、日付の変更に必要なキーボード ショートカットをご紹介します。



Hello, Please read all the way through this listing carefully before requesting to book. Thank you.

Perched on top of a secluded hilltop in the wilderness, the handcrafted redwood Tower is an adventurous and inspiring place to be. A 'box of light', the three sides of windows look out onto beautiful views. Romantic and peaceful, the Tower is a perfect couple's or artist's/writer's retreat.
Take a dip in the sparkling Mattole river just over the road below. Enjoy the spectacular bird-life. The wild Mattole Beach is just six miles away and makes for great hiking and beachcombing.

** IMPORTANT!** The Tower is accessed by a steep uphill trail of wooden dirt steps through Douglas Firs. The trail is a 520ft climb - a substantial 5-7 minute uphill hike. Light bags and backpacks rather than suitcases are strongly advised. This rental is not suitable for those who ought not be taking this kind of hike.
For night ascent/descent a flashlight is essential.

**Important Check-in info** The Tower is a property that needs a guide to show you up there initially. It is quite hidden, and you’ll benefit from a quick orientation up there. Check-in before dark please.

The upper storey of the Tower has a Murphy bed (small double), which measures 4ft across and is 6.5 ft long from headboard to footboard. If you are quite tall it may not be comfortable due to the footboard. See pic.
This room also has a long comfortable sofa, Deco chairs, redwood window seats and a long cherrywood table.
The Tower is on two floors, connected by an outside staircase.
So *PLEASE NOTE* As the bathroom is on the lower floor you will need to go down the outside stairs to the bathroom.
Downstairs is the bathroom, shower and well-equipped kitchen in one open plan room. The kitchen area includes a Wedgewood stove. (There is also a copper sink upstairs for easy teeth-brushing etc). The spring water is excellent for drinking.
The lower storey also houses water tanks, wrapped in canvas painted by a local artist.

Relax beneath the stars in the outdoor in-ground copper bath tub, with plenty of space for two and a small surrounding deck for glasses of wine, or take a shower outside, looking out onto the hills.

Enjoy ceramicist Jim Danisch's sculptures punctuating the trail.
In collaboration with Petrolia's craftspeople the Tower was designed by my father, a writer and lover of art.

For groceries, the local Petrolia store has most basics (including a gas pump) but its provisions are non-organic so please bring your own special groceries if that's your desire. There are no bars or restaurants in Petrolia. qBear in mind that the Petrolia Store closes at 5.30pm, so be sure to bring groceries with you if you're arriving later than that, especially for that first night's dinner!

At the bottom of the hill is the main house, where I will be on hand to help out as best I can with any queries and extra conveniences. Details and directions upon booking.

To enable a real break and total relaxation, the Tower remains UNPLUGGED! NO WIFI! There is very limited cell service in Petrolia! But fear not, there is an old-fashioned landline available for your private use. Wifi is available on the porch of the community centre, a five minute drive away.

Petrolia is off the beaten track and lies at the end of a very winding, rugged road with potholes a-plenty. Ordinary cars can make it, but if you are hiring a car you will be better off hiring an all wheel or 4 wheel drive that is higher off the ground.
Be prepared for a real rural retreat. This is the wilderness, and there is a lot of wildlife around! The tower is right in the wilderness atop a hill, so be prepared to hear and see animals around.

Come to our small local farmer's market on Sunday mornings 10-1pm for breakfast and local products.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for your interest in The Lost Coast Tower!


Guests have exclusive access to the trail, the Tower and its surrounding meadow.


I like to let guests enjoy the privacy on offer in the Tower and its surrounding meadow. However, I enjoy meeting guests and can be reached by phone and am happy to help make the visit as pleasant as I can with recommendations, tips, etc.


There are currently no restaurants and bars in Petrolia. The nearest place to eat out is a one-hour drive away over mountains. There is a small farmer's market on Sundays, 10-1pm, where you can get breakfast.

清掃料金 ¥9325
保証金 ¥23311
週の割引率: 5%
お子様に安全とは言えない/不向き (0-12歳)
チェックイン時間: 15:00~19:00

Thanks very much for taking note of these few tips and house rules!

No smoking
The Tower is non-smoking inside and also in the surrounding meadow and trail as it’s a high fire risk area.

Strictly no candles, bbqs or open flames of any kind, thank you!

The Wedgewood Stove: The stove-top rings need lighting manually. The oven lights automatically.

Food storage
To avoid attracting critters please store dry food in the steel chest provided, and perishables in the fridge. Avoid leaving crumbs out too!

As there is no trash or recycling collection in Petrolia, guests are kindly asked to take all non-compostable trash away with you, including recyclable items such as glass, paper and plastic. There is a green food waste container by the trashcan for food waste/compost – you can leave this waste here.

Please use - Works great! It’s all set, just turn the dial to Normal Wash.

Wood care
Please use the placemats provided on the long dining table upstairs, and take care not to leave wet towels/dishrags or pools of water on the wooden countertops both upstairs and downstairs.

Long Table
Please do not attempt to move the long table upstairs. It becomes dislodged from its base and is hard to put back.

Poison Oak
There are patches of poison oak in the meadow surrounding the Tower. Please look out for it and avoid walking in the long grasses.

階段を登らないとたどり着けません - 500 ft climb up steep dirt steps on the trail up to the Tower, followed by two flights of stairs up to the upper storey.
一部アメニティは最低限のものです (例: ネットが遅い) - There is no wifi available. The nearest wifi spot is on the porch of the community centre, a 5 minute drive away.


Underwhelmed and mildly annoyed. The "well equipped kitchen" couldn't even boil water on the weak gas range. The bed has a wooden-board base, instead of springs. The shower water is binary - either freezing or boiling, with no easily located balance for "warm". The circuit breaker trips constantly. There's no weather stripping, meaning the cold and giant bugs both freely entered the tower. Two small space heaters are your only source of heat, aside from the rough, scratchy blankets. Goes beyond "bespoke AirBnb charm", and well into "disrepair" territory unfortunately. These are all things that could've been repaired before guests arrived, but they all appear swept under the rug. Daisy is a generously helpful person in general, and I don't believe she had any ill intent on pulling a fast one on visitors here. But staying in this AirBnb felt like a DIY-project that had been abandoned 3/4 through. Transparently, if I knew what the trip would've been like, we would've booked somewhere else.

Erin & Travisさんのプロフィール
daisy's and her space are both lovely. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. the views are gorgeous and the copper tub is magical! We would definitelyreturn and will recommend to others!

We had a wonderful stay at the tower. Daisy is considerate, generous host who is friendly and helpful but also gives you space. We’re grateful for having a glimpse into the community of artists and craftspeople that she and her father cultivated in this strange and lovely part of the country. The tower was out of a dream. It’s quirky, with all of the eccentricities of an handmade building, but there is something special about being in a house where you can sense that every object in it has a story and was created or chosen with care. I loved the cozy mornings on the redwood bench in the tower room with my book and the views of the hills. But best were the outdoor baths at night under the stars and the apple trees with a glass of wine as Daisy suggested. Heaven! The local beaches are vast and peaceful, and the redwood forests on the way out magical. As others guests have said, give yourself enough time to get here so that you’re not rushing on the roads and bring supplies with you. It’s well worth the trip, especially if you want some quiet.

A wonderful refreshing stay. We lost track of time and were very sad when it was time to go home!

This is a very unique place, the whole area is known as the "Lost Coast" and the theme is a bigger part of the Lost Tower experience. It's an amazing drive to get the town where the Tower is located. The art, atmosphere, environment, and Daisy are all magical and near surreal. The Lost Tower is well worth the effort if you want to unplug and get away to a wonderful place.

Daisy is an absolutely wonderful host, I cannot recommend staying at her place enough. The lost tower is truly a gem- so cozy and comfortable with breathtaking views, you will feel very far from wherever you are from. This was hands down the best airbnb I have ever stayed in.

Our stay at the Lost Coast Tower was just what we were looking for: remote, scenic and unique. My husband and I stayed for a long weekend with our two dogs and had a great time. The dogs were able to explore the private, open space surrounding the tower, and we enjoyed the view of the mountains over wine, and even a couple outdoor showers and a quick soak in the outdoor tub. Daisy is very clear in the listing that it's a remote destination, and requires a bit of a hike to get up to the tower from the main road, so this shouldn't be a surprise for visitors. There were a few more spiders than I'm used to, but then again, it is out in the middle of the woods so I wasn't particularly surprised either. It was a beautiful setting and Daisy was a great host.

ロンドン, イギリス5月 2013からメンバー

I came to Petrolia in 2011 from London to spend time with my father, who made his home here 25 years ago. This is now my home, and I love sharing the Tower's magic with guests.

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