Paris Speakeasy Adventure: Uncover the City of Secrets. Paris, the City of Lights, has a clandestine side that beckons night owls . Our one-of-a-kind Paris Speakeasy Tour takes you on a captivating journey through the hidden gems of Paris nightlife, introducing you to iconic speakeasy bars. While Paris boasts an array of secret bars, we've carefully curated a selection that embodies the spirit of the Parisian night life. As much as we'd love to explore them all in one night, time constraints prevail. However, fear not! Our guides will discreetly share the locations of other secret bars, ensuring your Parisian adventure doesn't end here. Our experience is designed to cater to a diverse range of guests. Whether you're a teetotaler, a solo traveler, part of a couple, enjoying a family outing, or celebrating a bachelor/bachelorette party, our Speakeasy Tour welcomes all with open arms. The advertised tour duration is 2 hours, but there's no rush. Feel free to linger at each speakeasy, savoring the ambiance and crafted cocktails at your own pace. If your preferred time slot appears fully booked, fret not. Our speakeasies are spacious and accommodating, so drop us a message, and we'll make room for you. Join us on this enchanting journey through the hidden world of Paris Speakeasies. Let's raise a glass to secret soirées, whispered tales, and unforgettable memories.
Learn how to make the typically "French Croissant", the "Pain au chocolat" & the "Pain au raisin" :-) During this interactive cooking lesson, you will be hands-on in the kitchen and, equipped with an apron and all the utensils you need, you will learn how to make the "French Croissant" the "Pain au chocolat" & the "Pain au raisin"! You will be in control of your creations from start to finish, from the moment you lay eyes on the recipe for the first time to the moment you take your creation out of the oven. I will be at your side to guide you and teach you, with full explanations, the techniques you need to guarantee your baking will be a success! At the end of your experience, we can taste what you have baked and chat about your trip to Paris and I’ll also be happy to give you my culinary advice, recommendations and opinions.
Esta é uma experiência perfeita para você que deseja ter belas fotos por um baixo custo e conhecer novas pessoas. Aproveite o momento para se divertir, conhecer pessoas e ter ótimas lembranças! Garanta sua vaga pois nossos horários esgotam rápido! Nesta experiência você fará um pequeno tour fotográfico. Se desejar algo especial e exclusivo é possível reservar um horário diferente. Nos mande uma mensagem. - Esta é uma experiência compartilhada. Cada horário atende até máximo 6 pessoas. Caso você queira uma experiência privada, reserve para um grupo privado. - Cada tour tem duração de até 1 hora. - Faremos uma caminhada e parar em alguns pontos para que cada participante seja fotografado, enquanto o restante do grupo espera por sua vez. - Se você estiver acompanhado precisa fazer a reserva de cada uma das pessoas que estiver com você, inclusive crianças. - Cada pessoa terá direito a escolher 5 fotos. Mas você pode comprar fotos extras se quiser. - A entrega será feita no máximo até 5 dias após a experiência, enviadas por um link online. Se houver alguma dúvida, nos mande uma mensagem. Vamos adorar ter você com a gente!
This photo session in Paris is offered to couples, for engagements, weddings, elopements, pre-weddings, families, surprise proposals and individual pictures. We'll meet at this address : 17 place du Trocadero et du 11 Novembre. Then walk around to go to the perfect spots. In an hour we do several spots and we include the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River and a Parisian Street. We will guide you during the experience and help you with the poses to get natural lifestyle pictures. To have an idea of the pictures you can get, check our insta: _parispics_ The experience will always be private! You'll get to take home personalised pictures - a unique souvenir of your time in Paris. I recommend booking a photo session in the morning (crowd...)! Also, bring a second pair of shoes (to be able to walk). After the experience, I will send you a link to a private gallery to choose your best pictures (30 MAX). I will edit them and send them 3 days after your selection. The style of our team could be seen in our insta. Each photographer is experienced, talented and friendly. Alex will host the morning experiences and always will be the editor of the pictures. We offer professional make up and hairstyle services if needed. There is a minimum price for a private session. This minimum price applies to couple session or solo session. For large group, please send us a message.
The longest running and BEST Haunted Tour of Paris is now on AirBNB Experiences! Over the course of a 1 and a half hour walking tour (entirely in English), we will discover the historic heart of the city with your expert, accredited guide. Paris is known as the City of Light, but we will instead focus on the dark side while exploring areas of the city rarely seen by Parisians. There will be several ghost stories, including the famous ghosts of Notre Dame Cathedral. Hear the story of the bizarre ghost of a famous writer with a bizarre pet who haunts a spectacular theater. We will also visit places of true crime such as the famous Demon Barber of Paris (the real inspiration for Sweeney Todd). In the shadows of the impressive and imposing Conciergerie, you will hear about the Reign of Terror and the imprisonment and beheading of Queen Marie Antoinette. You will have the chance to stand on the spot where a French king was assassinated and hear the unbelievable story behind it. End the experience by visiting the spot of the infamous Cemetery of the Innocents and the birth of the Paris Catacombs (NOTE: We do not go inside the Catacombs) Many other dark and tragic stories await you on the famous Haunted Paris Tour! If you are looking for a cheesy haunted house and jump scare style experience, look elsewhere. This experience is offered only in ENGLISH.


Let's discover the biggest museum in the world together. The Louvre has everything from Ancient times to the 19th century. On this tour you will be able to discover the highlights of the Western World in less than an afternoon. We will speak about the history of the museum as well as the sculptors and the painters. It's a unique experience that will allow you to show off at fancy dinners. We'll never be more than six persons so you can ask as many questions as you want. Of course we will see The Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the beautiful Mona Lisa. We will make the Louvre and the history of art interesting and fun. To keep it easy going and laid back is very important for us, we know that you guys are on holidays and I promise you that this tour will be fun and amusing as well as thought provoking. ENTRY TICKETS TO THE MUSEUM ARE NOT INCLUDED
Learn how to make the iconic French "Macarons"! In the 16th century, it was the favorite pastry of the famous French Queen Catherine de Medici. Since this day, many pastry chefs had and continue to have fun with this recipe, like Pierre Hermé or Cédric Grolet. Today, you can come and learn how to bake your 2020 version macarons ! During this interactive cooking lesson, you will be hands-on in the kitchen. Equipped with an apron and all the utensils you need, you will learn how to make your own macarons step by step, also picking the flavour of your choice ! You will be in control of your creations from start to finish, from the moment you lay eyes on the recipe for the first time to the moment you take your creation out of the oven. I will be at your side to guide you and to teach you, with full explanations, the techniques you need to guarantee your baking will be a success! At the end of your experience, we can taste what you have baked and chat about your trip to Paris and I’ll also be happy to give you my culinary advice, recommendations and opinions. Other things to note Maison Fleuret will do its best and make sure you have a great time during your experience. To do so, we guarantee a maximum of 6 attendees per experience ; it will not be possible to come with an extra guest, or stay as an observer without having booked.
NO DIET CLUB - サン・マルタン運河で太っちゃおう
NOT YOUR BASIC FOOD TOUR ! (All food is included) Hygienic measures : group of 10 people maximum. Hydroalcoholic gel before and after each tasting ! Food is life but safety first :) After having a blast with our food tours in Le Marais, Montmartre and London we are thrilled to launch a third tour around le Canal St Martin. A beautiful 4.6 km long canal in Paris, filled with gems and amazing restaurants. On the menu ? 4 hours of the best street food :) Of course there will be french classics but not only ! Truffle pizza, the best "chausson aux pommes" in Paris, beautiful grilled cheese with french products, amazing homemade sandwichs/burgers and so much more ! Tastings may vary depending on the season (VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME) (DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER ARE NOT INCLUDED) ▶ What this tour is about ✔ - Many tastings to share - Melty gooey cheese - A nice walk around le Canal Saint Martin - What locals actually eat - Lots of fun - Funny/bad jokes - Pictures and souvenirs - Smiles - A list of serious recommendations in Paris - New friends from all around the world ✌
*** I don't give you all the details, so you have some surprises :)*** With me, a FRENCH INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, you will explore BY NIGHT intimate and sweet mysterious places, off the beaten track. Majestic Paris is my born home town, i know its secrets and history better than anybody. I want you explore it through my eyes and sharing your impressions :) During the walk, we will discover peaceful beautiful old fashioned residential streets, and i will tell you about the architecture history of the 2nd Empire. Then, we will follow and abandoned rail train ("La Petite Ceinture", treasure of the 19th century) and will see a beautiful statue of a famous poet from the Monarchy Through a pedestrian street with a cute church square, and an old theatre, we will arrive in front of an epic writer's gorgeous house, with stunning viewpoint. Little by little, we will go through hidden mysterious old streets and stairs, full of secrets and anecdotes, to finally stop in a Majestic spot (as a "firework": NO SPOIL :) Other things to note All the Experience is done by WALK. It s not exhausting but let's be prepared for that ;)
Famous all over the world for its crispy crust and golden colour, synonymous with the "French touch", made in every bakery in France and eaten every minute of every day: what else could we be describing but the French baguette! Will it be granted Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage status? Even the French president is talking about it - the baguette is a national emblem and we’re giving you the opportunity to discover its secrets! — Firstly, you will discover the history of bread going back several centuries! You will discover the many and varied types of flour, and the different combinations that are possible! — After that, you will discover the equipment, don an apron and, step by step in the very heart of Paris, with the help of a professional chef, make your first ever French baguette. From discovering the ingredients to baking your baguette, your dough will be in (and on!) your hands, all in a fun and friendly atmosphere! — Finally, you’ll get to savour your freshly-cooked baguette, with a selection of fine regional products. You’ll be able to make a sandwich of your choosing, maybe an aptly named “Sandwich Parisien”, which will set you up perfectly for the rest of the day! Other things to note Maison Fleuret will do its best and make sure you have a great time during your experience. To do so, we guarantee a maximum of 6 attendees per experience ; it will not be possible to come with an extra guest, or stay as an observer without having booked.


Let’s talk about Wine and cheese at the French table! Let’s eat together the most incredibles and famous Cheeses in the world with the best wine combinations ! Red and white ! WHAT ARE the TOP secrets to enjoy wine like the French do? What is your favorite region in France to choose your wine? And ... What ABOUT THE SENSUALITY OF CHEESE? ATTRACTION OF SMELLY CHEESE? Pheromones at play!!!! We are going to show you THE OLDEST Paris market named Mouffetard, in the Latin quarter. Catherine will introduce you to unique food producers. Then we'll go to our warm private restaurant next to the market Chef Sommelier Alex has prepared for you a French-style tasting experience with cheese, wines fruits and traditional bread. We have also prepared some fun games such as blind tasting or others ! Every experience is unique ! we adapt the experience to YOU ! An unforgettable human experience! You will bring home fun tips and French food & wine etiquette, Make new foodie friends around the world We are waiting for you !
Leave your map behind and follow us, your English speaking show-people, who will take you on exploration of 30+ Top Paris Sights. You will hear about and possibly meet some the legends of one of Europe’s best-loved cities. Included in the tour; the best place for photo's of the incredible Eiffel Tower, we'll take a lively stroll through old Montmartre where Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso once lived, then upwards to the Sacre-Coeur for the best panoramic view of the City of Light. The show continues down with a view of the Champs Élysées and the majestic Arc de Triomphe and who can forget... the Moulin Rouge. We will experience a beautiful slice of French culture in the Latin Quater where you can pick up a snack (not included) from a nearby street market filled with patisseries, fresh fruit markets, cafes, fromageries (cheese shops), chocolate and wine shops and anything else you might like. After that it's back on the trail. For over a 1000yrs the English have annoyed the French. We will be able to give you our personal insights on how to avoid certain embarrassing mis-understandings. Making this a super original experience. Other things to note Please bring an umbrella if the forecast indicates rain and wear a comfy pair of shoes, as we'll be on foot most of the time (with lots of breaks to chat and rest). Bring a camera and drinks.
Bem-vindo à Amazing Photos In Paris, a experiência fotográfica mais memorável de Paris! Você está prestes a viver uma aventura única, explorando a majestosa Torre Eiffel sob a orientação de um fotógrafo profissional. Nossa jornada começa ao reunir um pequeno grupo de 6 pessoas para capturar momentos especiais. Ao longo de nossa experiência, passaremos por 3 locais encantadores, cuidadosamente selecionados para garantir as vistas mais deslumbrantes da Torre Eiffel, cada ponto oferece um cenário único e espetacular. Cada participante terá uma sessão profissional, permitindo que sua estadia em Paris seja imortalizada em imagens impressionantes. Após nossa emocionante sessão de fotos, o melhor ainda está por vir. Dentro de 48 horas, você receberá um link com todas as fotos tiradas durante a experiência. Você terá a liberdade de escolher suas 10 fotos favoritas, aquelas que capturaram os momentos mais preciosos deste passeio inesquecível (se você nos deixar uma boa avaliação iremos lhe dar mais 5 fotos de brinde, totalizando 15 fotos). E não se preocupe, se 15 fotos não forem suficientes para saciar sua sede de memórias, você terá a opção de adquirir todas as fotos por um valor adicional. Junte-se a nós nesta experiência fotográfica excepcional e vivencie a magia da Cidade Luz através de um olhar profissional. Vamos criar memórias que durarão para sempre! @fotosinparis
Bonjour, ”Paris is party “ Despite Paris reputation as a place designed for couples, the city has a high number of singles and in that respect tends to cater solo travellers. Do you love unique cocktails and ready to meet other free spirits like you from different cultures in company of a local host? Meet people that will give you a taste of different mindsets, way of thinking about life. It will also let you think more about the place you call home and how life is there compared to the life of others. While traveling alone and living in a new city,we often want to meet new people, whether it’s locals or other travellers and explore the city in company of a local. We will be meeting around the 3rd district and walk to one of my favorite cocktail bar and here we will spend about an hour then move to the next place which has both delicious INDIAN food and great cocktails so if you are a food lover,you are not left out. Interact through conversation,game and enjoy a memorable evening in Paris. This is a special experience to us because you will meet people from all over the world with different cultures ,way of thinking, personalities and most of all form a deep connection .And that is what we love ,meeting new friends and bringing people together. We welcome all;Non-solo travellers,Introverts NO DRINKS AND FOOD INCLUDED. Your guide Dahdet,Patrick &Vicky
Why walk with the crowds & stand in line when you can ride a bike & skip the line? Join us to ride, taste & explore on this truly memorable day trip. Escape the crowds, explore the Château, gardens & discover secret places seen by few tourists and even unknown to Parisians! We take the train to Versailles, hop on bikes to explore our beautiful town & award winning food market to & shop like a local for a French picnic lunch. We ride through the breath-taking Royal Gardens, admire Louis' fountains, indulge in market treats whilst hearing all the gossip & scandalous tales of the French Royal Family. Having worked up an appetite we lay out our authentic French picnic lunch by the Grand Canal. There is no better place to picnic & relax in the sun! Post picnic we Skip the Line to explore the Château: State Rooms, King's bedroom & Hall of Mirrors. We are proud to be one of the few tours licensed to guide inside. Be prepared to taste local food & picnic like a royal in the sun! If you are looking for a unique experience, out of the city, away from hoards of tourists, and want to make the most of your time in Versailles- look no further than this day trip. GOOD TO KNOW: -We Skip the Line & guide inside the Château: we do not abandon you with an audio guide. -30€ entry tickets to be paid on the day. -Fountains: Sat & Sun. -Picnic at guest's cost.




Insta photos in Paris? Why not! :) You are visiting Paris and you want to capture some stunning insta friendly shots? Then this experience is for you. You will get a chance to explore Paris's best landmarks with a Pro photographer. I would love to take you to the most beautiful and hidden locations in Paris and capture some great cinematic-style photos. Don't worry about Poses ;) I will guide you with some fantastic tips to pose naturally. This will always be a private experience. After the experience, I will send you all the raw photos through a link and you can select your favorite images to edit ( 30 - 40 photos ). After your selection, I will edit them and send you through a private online gallery within 2 days. All edited images will be in higher quality and ready to print :) In case of bad weather, we can reschedule our experience. I'm always flexible with that and will do my best. ** I use Professional Camera equipment for this Experience :) Let's take some cool photos in Paris! :)
The premise of the experience is to show you around the Eiffel-Tower and make sure that you are not leaving Paris without great photos of you. We are going to start at the Trocadéro and work our way around multiple spots surrounding the Eiffel-Tower as it is a beautiful shooting location. As a photographer I am trying to capture the soul of the subject as well as the soul of the City that I am in. In this case, Paris. From portrait photography to more ''touristic'' photos I got you covered. I am implementing a healthy mixture between parisian pictures in front of the Eiffel-Tower as well as charming portrait pictures in fancy side streets. But then again, you tell me what you want I make it happen. :) Contact me if you want the shoot to take place in a different location. 25 Edited images + 5 artistic images are included in this package. You can also request a 2 or 3 hour shoot which allows us to shoot at many more locations and get more pictures. If this sounds appealing to you drop me a message! If you decide for a longer shoot the received images stack up accordingly. -50 Edited images for 2 hours -75 Edited images for 3 hours Concerning single person shootings the 70€/person do not apply. If you want a single person shooting the price will be 140€/Hour.
Ensemble, nous allons explorer les recoins les plus charmants de cette ville emblématique, et nous allons le faire de manière inoubliable. Nous allons marcher près du Louvre, en admirant les merveilles architecturales et les paysages urbains pittoresques. Vous allez découvrir les secrets les mieux gardés de Paris et vous pourrez les immortaliser grâce à une séance photo professionnelle. CE QUE VOUS ALLEZ OBTENIR après la séance photo 1. TOUTES les photos ORIGINALES en JPEG que nous allons prendre pendant la séance (et vous pouvez choisir celles que vous préférez que je les retouche dans le photoshop.) 2. 5 photos retouchées
I would be delighted to introduce you, on horseback, to Maisons-Laffitte and the forest of Saint-Germain; two exceptional historic sites imbued with centuries-old equestrian culture. This unique experience will last 3 hours and will include 1.5 hours of ride. If you want to escape the Parisian world for a day, come to Maisons-Laffitte to explore the "Cité du Cheval" which is just 20 minutes away by train. During your stroll, you will have the opportunity to ride through the park of Maisons-Laffitte and the Saint-Germain forest, where you might meet beautiful thorough bred on the way to the racehorse training centre, and horses of all disciplines whose riders rub shoulders in a very friendly and caring atmosphere. You will also learn more about the historical heritage of the location such as the castle and the hunting lodge built by Louis XV. On this ride we are happy to welcome riders who have never experienced horseback riding before or who has less then one year regular practice. We will introduce you to mount safely and to control a horse at a walk and depending on how you feel we might also try some trot. We also do organise rides for intermediate and confirmed riders : airbnb.com/horseback-trail-ride-intermediate airbnb.com/horseback-trail-ride-advanced airbnb.com/horseback-full-day Other things to note Please ensure that you have an insurance covering horse riding in France. If you do not have one, we can subscribe a "holiday card" which costs 10 € and is valid for one month for you. Please contact us if you are interested in this option. Maximum weight for riders : 90 kg = 200 lbs.
Secret wine doorで楽しむフランスワインとチーズのテイスティング
I wanted to start something a little bit different at 'Secret wine door' – to give you all the wine and cheese knowledge you can possibly imagine, but without the ‘classroom’ approach and atmosphere. Discover 5 French wines and 5 cheeses (can be replaced by charcuterie if you do not eat cheese) - with plenty of French bread - during my relaxed tasting experiences! For those that want to learn about both wine and cheese - this is the experience for you! Join me for this two-hour tantalising taste experience as you taste your way through delicious, flavoursome French cheese, expertly accompanied by French wines from some of the most famous wine regions in the world! All my wines are from independent French wine makers, giving you the opportunity to discover unique bottles from 5 different regions within France. Pull back the curtain on my exclusive secret spot and join me at 'secret wine door'. It’s just a 15 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower, and interestingly it’s on the same street the famous "Inception" movie was filmed. You’re in Paris after all – one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so it’s only fitting you’re in the environment to match! Learn cheese and wine pairing tips, discover how to taste wine like a professional, hear some wine anecdotes & gain expert knowledge that will leave you feeling like a true expert. I'm here to make wine accessible to everyone!

トゥール・エッフェル - パルク・デュ・シャン・ド・マルス周辺のアクティビティ

AVAILABLE EVERY DAY The exclusive Photoshoot I do around the Louvre in Paris starts in the Royal Palace and its gardens, where the Parisian architectural contrasts will let you speechless. There we will take photos within the columns, arches and colorful photos in the gardens. After, we will go walking 3 minutes to the Louvre and there, I know the best spots and angles to get perfect shoots as I am there every day. We can also have the Photoshoot in Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph or Montmartre (write me before booking). The shooting lasts at least 1 hour and it includes the following: - You will receive more than 300 photos within the 24h - Once you check all photos, send me 10 pictures per person and I will edit them in HQ. This exclusive photoshoot can be done with anyone: family, couples, your friends, or just you. We can set the time and place of the photos when it's best for you, I am flexible. We will do portrait photos, tourist photos, and some fun photos, so you will go home with a great mix of photos! I will help you to get your photogenic side, and you will have great photos of yourself and yours in Paris. Before the photo shooting, feel free to contact me to advice you about the best clothing depending on the time/place as well as the fastest transport to arrive to the Louvre. Looking forward to meet you all and get an incredible photo shooting within 5 spots!
I am a long time Runner and an ultra trail runner. I like.to practice early morning before going to my day work. I thought I would like to share that experience with other people and show Paris at a magical time.of the day when the city wakes up. So....What about a fresh start to see the sun rise and discover Paris outside of the busy hours ? We will : - Meet-up and greet close to Champs-de-Mars - Run by the folowing sights Eiffel tower, Trocadero, Musée Branly, Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Invalides, National Assembly, Concorde Place, Louvres gardens, Notre Dame, Place Saint-Michel, Luxembourg Garden, Montparnasse - Finish at Cambronne I will adapt distance and pace to your need. We usually try to cover 10 miles... but no stress we will do stops for recovery. Other things to note Bring with you : - Camera - Running gear adapted to weather conditions
We will do a beautiful photoshoot at the Eiffel tower in Paris! We will start our shoot together at the Trocadero Gardens just next to the Eiffel Tower! From there we will hit all most icon photography spots including the Eiffel Tower, Trocadéro gardens, Bir Hakeim bridge and finishing along the river seine. We will stop at some of the most iconic locations to take your holiday photographes so make sure to dress up! At the end of our shoot, you will have a unique memory of the Paris and beautiful photographs of yourself and loves. You will receive more than 40 selected and edited photographs directly to your email address the same day! Download the full shoot for an additional 15€
We will be walking through the charming neighbourhoods of Paris, where we'll see classic monuments and hidden gems. Included in the tour are 40 gems of Paris, including must-see monuments Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumphe, Notre Dame, Pantheon, Louvre. We will share stories with you and show you our favourite spots for Paris treats (including a stop for our favourite crepe!) This is the perfect tour for you when you first arrive: to help you get your bearings, see the icons, learn the city's fascinating history and have fun at the same time. Some of the things we will see are: - Begin in the charming neighbourhood of Saint Germain des Prés, once a meeting place for intellectuals and a bohemian hub for artists and writers. - Pass cafes frequented by Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde, see the remains of the oldest church in Paris and the Saint Sulpice church featured in The Da Vinci Code. - Stroll through the famous Luxembourg Gardens. - Walk up to the Pantheon and see the Sorbonne University - Explore the medieval Latin Quarter - See the River Seine, Il de la Cite, Notre Dame, Conciergerie & Hotel de Ville - View the Louvre museum (exterior), plus Arc de Triumph de Carousel, Tuileries Gardens, l'Obélisque de Louxor - Up close to the Arc de Triomphe - Finish at Place du Trocadéro for a breathtaking view of the Eiffel tower
At a charming cheese boutique in the Marais neighborhood, we'll dive straight into the vast and exciting world that is French cheese: the history, production process, science, regional specialties, and cultural significance. After exploring the cheeses in store, we'll descend to the 17th century cellar for the cheese-and-wine tasting, and even step into the cheese-aging chamber (please note that the cellar is not active from July till September). While we can't guarantee that we'll try all 500+ varieties of French cheeses that are known to exist, you will taste a wide and representative selection! We'll also pair the cheeses with delightful organic or low intervention wines that will have your taste buds singing. Other things to note Our tasting room is located in a below-ground cellar, accessed via a steep staircase. Hence, this experience may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility.


The workshop is a smart and memorable sensorial experience: an innovative way to discover the world of perfumes and Parisian refinement. We will share with you our passion for perfumes and we will help you create your customized fragrance. The workshop on FRIDAY AT 5:00pm & SATURDAY AT 5:30pm is IN FRENCH all the others are in English. For 2 hours, we will lead you on an imaginative and inspiring journey during which you will discover the fascinating world of perfumes, from their history to the secrets of their making. You will then create your personalized fragrance by combining two or three of our fragrances within a collection of 24 and you will leave with a bottle of your own blend. A 50ml/1,7 fl oz bottle of your fragrance is included in the price. Additional options are available at the shop : making a second fragrance, engraving your bottle... You can register your formula at the end of the workshop, so that you can reorder in the future. This activity is equally entertaining for men and women, from 10 to 99 years old ! Duration can vary a little depending on how fast you are with your creation, the number of participants and... how many questions you have ! Late arrival is disturbing for you and other participants, we can accept you if you are less than 15mn late.
Join me on an authentic Parisian photography journey that avoids the usual tourist clichés. Together, we'll explore both iconic and hidden gems of Paris, capturing your unique moments against its captivating backdrop. In Paris, a city brimming with architectural marvels, charming streets, and historic monuments, we'll steer clear of the well-trodden paths to uncover those hidden spots that will elevate your photos to true IG-worthy status. Rest assured, I have a distinct style that breaks away from the typical tourist photos. Within just 24 hours, I'll meticulously edit your photos, enhancing their colors and lighting, transforming them into striking images ready for you to share with loved ones. This experience is perfect for solo adventurers, friends seeking a memorable day out, families looking to freeze moments in time, and couples desiring romantic snapshots. Remember, wear whatever makes you comfortable and be your authentic self; that's where the real magic of Paris comes to life!
Yoga in the Park in Paris - Tuileries / Louvre
Make the most of your time in this beautiful city. By connecting to your senses and being in the present, you can ensure you treasure your time in Paris. I provide you with a unique 1-hour yoga class in a small group, integrating aspects of mindfulness and meditation, in one of the most beautiful parks, giving you an energising break away from the rush of the city. Expect to move, stretch and relax: - We start with a quick introduction to yoga. - After a short mindful meditation and breathing practice you will be mindfully moving through a dynamic sequence of yoga poses with a focus on breathing and mind-centred movements. - We will finish the yoga session with a sweet relaxation. Afterwards, you'll have the mindset to truly appreciate your time here, and everywhere! Other things to note: It is an outdoor experience and weather permitted. In case the weather is not suitable we can postpone or provide a refund.
Fabriquez vos propres madeleines françaises dans un appartement parisien, sous un authentique toit parisien. C'est un cours personnalisé avec 2 participants maximum. Situé dans la rue Sainte-Anne à Paris entre Le Louvre et l'Opéra. L'activité de 60 minutes comprend : - Tous les outils de cuisine et les denrées nécessaires pour cuisiner. - Un cours de cuisine. - Une recette imprimée. - Vos propres Madeleines dans une boîte.
For all lovers of beauty, romantics and creatives, and all imaginative children, for solo travellers, couples, small groups and teams: Bea’s beloved cross-disciplinary Piano Meditation ExperienceTM is truly a body-heart-mind experience. Her skillfully curated programs of musical masterworks, her unique insights into each piece and inspiring listening prompts will guide you back to yourself, and re-connect with your true inner voice. Creating an intense listening experience and a cathartic use of sound with the audience up close a majestic Steinway concert grand piano D-274, you will deep-dive into sound scapes and re-awaken blocked areas in the body and mind for an energizing, heart-opening release. At once cradled, challenged, enlightened, delighted and inspired, this is a chance to experience a deep sense of beauty, joy and awe. Step into the artist's personal appartement in the heart of literary and artistic Paris Saint-Germain, enjoy a glass of fine wine or water, and feel how poetry, music and meditation can nurture your own sense of creativity and possibility. Drop us a note for - a different time or date - family or team bookings - personalisation (B-days, mile-stones, vows...) - privatisation "Once-In-A-Lifetime-Experience" Award 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 +1000 reviews 5 stars for in-person & virtual experience combined
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