Go Mountain Bike Northwest Arkansas
You will be guided through the most accessible and expansive trail network in the Ozarks, with the keen eye of a local and the heart of an adventurer. Spend less time concerned with routing and trail selection, and more time soaking in the wonderous environment. Let me show you around my favorite slice of heaven.
Kayaking an Exploring Beaver Lake
We will provide a single seat sit on top kayak, paddle, and personal flotation device (PFD) If you are exploring (NWA) Northwest Arkansas then you probably know that we are surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. Will meet you at the waters edge so that you can launch equipment to explore a beautiful portion of Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs, AR. Let us help you start a fun adventure exploring bluffs an potential waterfalls on this scenic lake. April, May, June are some of the best months to explore the waterfalls on Beaver Lake by Kayaks & Standup paddling. Beaver Lake is a man-made reservoir in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and is formed by a dam across the White River. Beaver Lake has some 487 miles of shoreline. With towering limestone bluffs, natural caves, and a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs, it is a popular tourist destination. This location you must pay $4 when entering the park. At the stop sign and welcome sign there is a table to fill out parking pass info. There is no parking attendant to handle money (self service)it is on good faith. Drive down to find parking I can be found at the picnic tables behind the restrooms. WHAT TO BRING •Water, •Sunscreen, • If you prefer to use your own life vest you can do so. •Shoes that don’t mind getting wet
Beginner Blacksmithing Class All Ages
Students will learn the history of metallurgy and blacksmithing. Once the tools of the craft are identified and described they will learn coal selection and how to fire up their forge. Safety is key and an appropriate portion of time is used to develop proper techniques and procedures. Students will learn to work metal through bending, spreading, upsetting, drawing out, cutting, twisting, annealing, hardening, and tempering. The fire will warm you and help the iron to bend to your will- your skills will grow quickly.
We'll get comfortable in our studio barn/workshop area, where you'll grab a glass of wine, a local craft beer, or glass of fresh spring water from our bar before we get started. After a brief tour of our little urban farm, I'll do a quick demonstration to show you the techniques and procedures for making several different styles of rings. Then you'll get busy working hands-on with different tools and materials to create your own custom, unique ring exactly to your liking. I can provide as much support as necessary to help you to feel comfortable with the process and to create your desired outcome. We'll seal/finish your ring if necessary and you'll take it home with you at the end of the session. Other things to note We have free-range chickens and a free-range cat. All are friendly. :) If you aren't seeing the date or time you'd like available on the calendar, feel free to send me a message and we'll try to work something out if possible!
Pack a Picnic! We'll meet you at the gate! Upon entering you will most likely be greeted by our female alpacas who are typically very curious about a new car arriving. We'll begin our tour by hand feeding these beauties, then move on to our small animal paddock where you will meet our sheep and goats. You will be able to hand feed them through the fence as they are a bit pushy. We’ll meet our male alpacas last, give them some yummy treats then wrap up our tour. You’re welcome to walk the property and enjoy the peace & quiet and have your own picnic. We have tables and chairs for you to use. This will be a mostly informal tour, if there is anything on the property you would like to see more of just let us know. Other things to note If the dates or times listed don’t work for you, you would like to book a private tour, or have more than 8 people attending please contact us with a day and time that will work and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!
Hike, Paddle & Eat-The Ozark Experience
Welcome to Northwest Arkansas. This experience can be adjusted to meet the needs/wants of your group. Here is an example of one of our experiences: We will start our adventure on a guided 2-4 mile hike or 4-12 mile mountain bike ride where you will see waterfalls, discover ancient rock paintings, and fall in love with the Ozark terrain. At the end of our hike or bike, we will arrive at the Lake Ann landing for a quick snack and great spot for a photo shoot! We will then hop on the paddle boards & Kayaks for great tour of one of North-West Arkansas' best and most scenic lakes, Lake Ann. Beautiful bluffs and clear water will guide us to our final destination; where you will enjoy Chef's choice of either an East Coast clam bake or Texas BBQ with brisket coming from our family farm. Experience will take 4-5 hours.
This multi-dimensional experience is not just for tea enthusiasts. Whether you are a lover of nature and the outdoors, a novice gardener or forager, interested in learning about the health benefits of plants and herbs, pursuing self-sufficiency on any level, or just enjoy sipping delicious concoctions among beautiful ambiance, this experience is for you! We'll begin with a tour of our little urban farm, where you'll learn a bit about the ways you can cultivate- or simply take advantage of- nature's bounty. We'll set up shop in our studio barn, where I'll introduce you to our 100+ varieties of organically-grown and wild-crafted dried herbs, fruits, flowers, and teas and walk you through the process of creating gourmet tea blends- from seed to sip. After sampling several varieties, you'll get busy selecting ingredients for your own custom teas. Every sense will be engaged as you gather, crumble, crush, and steep multiple blends that are tailored to your preferences. Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labor by sipping your blends in one of many intentional spaces on our farm. Winter months might find you by one of the woodstoves or cozied up by our outdoor firepit. Warmer seasons bring opportunities for sitting creek-side, wandering among plants and trees, or lazing in the hammock swing. Finally, you'll take the remainder of your blends home to enjoy and to share... or not share!
Isinglass Estate Wine & Ride
After you are warmly greeted in our gorgeous tasting room, we will head outside to meet your horse, and learn a bit about safety, steering and braking. We always leave plenty of time for questions or for cautious riders to get comfortable before setting out. First on the tour we will explore our 30 acre vineyard- the largest in Kansas. We will talk about the grapes, cultivation and harvesting. Next we will head to the forest trail head. Enjoy fantastic views of beautiful tall trees, squirrels, turkeys, and deer. Just as you are relaxing on your horse, we will top a hill, and the woods open up to incredible views of our private 25 acre lake. This is a great spot to stop for mounted photos, and really taking a moment to capture the views, the peace and the serenity of our estate. Next we'll round the lake and head back into the woods on a new trail that will take you back to the vineyard and finally to the tasting room. We'll help you to dismount, take some pictures with the mighty beast that you are now thinking about adopting, and get you back inside the winery. You have earned your wine! Choose from any of our diverse tasting flights, from sweet to super dry, and select a personal flatbread pizza from our GastroPub Trolley menu. Relax and enjoy your afternoon! Other things to note Feel free to come a bit early and relax before your ride. Full restrooms available.
Make your own jewelry from locally-sourced materials while drinking local craft beer and wine! Guests will arrive to the Madison Stitch fashion studio in downtown Kansas City and learn about the city's history in the fashion industry, meet the people who are reviving the city's place in the industry, and review many of the products we sell while learning how they're made. Guests will then choose whether to make a set of earrings, bracelets, or small card wallet. Craft beer, wine, and cider will be served from the artisan crafters just down the street from the studio! The activity will last about an hour; afterwards you can walk 1-2 blocks to your choice of artisan brewers, distillers, or restaurants in the arts district of Kansas City. A perfectly unique way to experience the city's history and taste what it has to offer!
Indoor hydroponic garden, plants, twinkle lights, fountains
NEW to Airbnb Experiences June 2022! Join us in Jo’s Garden an indoor hydroponic garden in Syracuse, Missouri. Enjoy a one of a kind space and our gorgeous country setting. Date night, friends night, garden clubs, and plant lovers will enjoy this unique evening. When you enter the garden you will be met with herbs, house plants, murals, herbal teas, jewelry, twinkle lights, and fountains. We want you to relax and enjoy your experience from the No first step in. During your 1.5 hour event you will tour Jo’s Garden to see our 3 different hydroponic systems. Enjoy some fresh from the garden pesto appetizers and fresh blended teas. See how we plant our hydroponic system. Walk through house plant alley and talk one on one with a professional plant parent to see what plants may be best suited for you. There is no such thing as a brown thumb, you are just still learning to use your green one. We have grown for grocery stores, farmers markets, and now we invite you to share our space. Each person will receive 3 packages of fresh cut herbs. Other items available for purchase. Please feel free to bring a cooler with additional drinks and snacks if you would like to sit and enjoy our beautiful outdoor setting. We would be happy to light a fire for you. If you don’t see a date and time that works for you please contact us. Welcome to our garden. Join us on Tiktok @JosGarden
Join us for our morning or evening milking chores here on the farm! We milk at set times each day, so we are not able to move the times more than 30 minutes. Do let us know if you need to be a little early or late and we can accommodate. We will meet you at our Farm Store, located here at the edge of the farm. Then we will walk down to the milk barn (sometimes its muddy or cold so dress according to the weather). You can bottle feed our calves (baby cows). This is a great opportunity to pet our calves and be up close with our animals. Then we get to work! It's time to bring in the cows and start milking. Of course we demonstrate how, then let you hand milk the cows. Don't worry, we finish the job with our miking machine so you can rest. We also have gloves to wear and sanitizer at the barn. Lastly, we take the milk back down to our Farm Store where you can see how we bottle the milk. At this time, you will get your own bottle of fresh milk, your butter sample and be able to shop around the store. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and take pictures during your entire experience. We can do large groups and private events- ask for details!
Depending on the time of year, we will take a walk in nature, (on our 15 acre property), identify and harvest one or two varieties of herbal's to bring back into the Apothecary kitchen, where we will begin to process the material for creating a salve or lotion or tincture. During the processing phase we will have time to go in depth on the constituents of each plant we will be using, their benefits and application or doseage. This class is designed to get you started on your herbal self-care journey, covering some of the basics. You will go home with at least 2oz of either a salve, lotion or tincture, that you can add to your home medicine cabinet, or take with you on your travels. Great for Team building and groups. Other things to note The walk on the property is not strenuous but does require you to wear appropriate outdoor shoes. This class is appropriate for young adults to adults. (ages 12 and up)
I’ll greet you with ice tea, or water. Tell you about our rescue and your introduced to each rescue. They love to be fed carrots and apples, which we provide. Learn or watch how to groom a horse. Sit on a horse and HUG A HORSE! You can always request other dates and times.. we are flexible.
Adventure Cycling along Historic Katy Rail Trail
Enjoy bicycling along the Katy Trail, beside the Missouri River, under the colorful fall leaves along the scenic Katy Trail. We will follow the route along the Missouri that Louis and Clark took. If you are staying in Saint Louis and don't have a car, we can meet at the arch and I'll drive you out to the start point. I can drop you back off as well. We will start at Kickstand Katy Trail in Defiance, located 40 minutes from Downtown Saint Louis, and bike 45 minute/7.7 miles south along the bluffs. to Augusta Winery. We will enjoy the winery before coming back and stop at Good news Brewery. We will stop at scenic river overlooks. You will experience the best of what the famous Katy trail has to offer in this bike tour. We will adapt the distance and speed depending on your comfort and skill level. The ride can also be extended to more than 4 hours depending on your experience, desire and how much time you want to spend at the winery and brewery. Optionally, there is a dive bar called Don's place that has live music and we can also enjoy that if so desired.
As we ride through St. Louis' Central West End and West End, we'll visit the historic former residences of a surprisingly large number of well-known authors and read selections from their most enduring work. You'll ride through neighborhoods full of some of the most interesting architecture in the entire Midwest. A true c. 3-hour feast for the eyes and ears! Mike's Bikes, our local bike shop, has resumed doing rentals after a lengthy pandemic-induced interruption. All guests should contact Mike's directly at 314-875-0080 to reserve bicycles. Mike's charges $25.00 per bicycle for a three-hour rental.