Hills Verona - Wi-fi - Parking - Garden (RF6)
まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション · ゲスト4人 · ベッド2台 · 1バスルーム

Hills Verona - Wi-fi - Parking - Garden (RF6)Villa fine ottocento immersa nelle colline veronesi. Appartamento composto da salone con angolo cottura, comoda camera da letto e bagno privato. Proprietà esclusiva con parco privato Dista circa 10 minuti dal centro di Verona

Villa Valle degli Dei
まるまる貸切のヴィラ · ゲスト10人 · ベッド7台 · 4バスルーム

Villa Valle degli DeiVilla Valle degli Dei Grezzana (Verona) 10 guests 5 double bedrooms 4 bathrooms Swimming Pool Garden Barbecue Pool Table Tennis Table

まるまる貸切の町家・長屋 · ゲスト6人 · ベッド2台 · バスルーム:2

レシニアの中心地、カーサ・イオランダ。カサ・イオランダは、ボスコ・キエサヌオーヴァの中心部からわずか2 kmのところにあり、緑の牧草地に囲まれ、調和のとれた静けさに浸かる渓谷に、小さな凹凸のある道が続きます。自然と触れ合ってリラックスして活力を取り戻したい場合に最適な場所です。 家は2階建てです。1階には簡易キッチン付きリビングルーム、ダイニングエリア、バスルーム/クローゼットがあります。1階には2つの寝室とシャワー付きバスルームがあります。



  • リスティング
  • ホテル
  • ユニークな宿泊先


  • キッチン
  • Wi-Fi
  • プール
  • 敷地内無料駐車場
  • エアコン


  1. まるまる貸切のシャレー
  2. Erbezzo
Exclusive location completely surrounded by nature
1泊あたり¥ 13,476
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. ヴェローナ
1泊あたり¥ 7,753
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Arzeré
Casa in lessinia
1泊あたり¥ 5,815
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Grezzana
Verona Hills - Wifi - Parking free - Garden (RF9)
1泊あたり¥ 10,984
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Cerro Veronese
Vacanze a Cerro Veronese
1泊あたり¥ 7,753
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Erbezzo
Casa Clementina - Erbezzo
1泊あたり¥ 6,461
  1. まるまる貸切のヴィラ
  2. Romagnano
Al Sicomoro
1泊あたり¥ 22,890
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Grezzana
ベローナヒルズ- WI - FI -パーキング-ガーデン
1泊あたり¥ 10,984
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Montecchio Negrar
魅惑のカントリーハウス15 'ヴェローナ
1泊あたり¥ 12,922
  1. まるまる貸切のアパート・マンション
  2. Grezzana
Le Giare House
1泊あたり¥ 8,916
  1. 個室
  2. Calcari
Villa La Meridiana Grezzana Verona Black Room
1泊あたり¥ 9,600
  1. まるまる貸切の住宅
  2. Cerro Veronese
Trilocale a Cerro Veronese
1泊あたり¥ 9,045



  • Verona speziell für Deutschsprachige
    Bummeln Sie durch das historische Zentrum von Verona mit einem erfahrenen Führer, der in Verona geprüft und lizenziert worden ist und der nur auf Deutsch sprechen wird! Verbringen Sie ein paar Stunden mit angehaltenem Atem und holen Sie sich die Schlüsselelemente, um die Stadt auch in Ihrer Freizeit in vollen Zügen zu erkunden. Gemeinsam lernen wir die wichtigsten Denkmäler, Plätze, Brücken und Straßen kennen, dank derer wir uns an die wichtigsten Momente der Stadtentwicklung erinnern. Ich werde Ihnen auch faszinierende versteckte Ecken, unerwartete archäologische Ausgrabungen und suggestive Architektur vorstellen. Ich werde nicht vergessen, das Thema Romeo und Julia anzusprechen, um Ihnen zu zeigen, was nicht einmal die meisten Einwohner von Verona wissen und was es Ihnen ermöglicht zu verstehen, warum der berühmte Dramatiker seine Tragödie in Verona inszeniert hat, obwohl er es nie besucht hat! Vor allem aber werden Sie erstaunt sein, wie viele Kontakte die Geschichte Veronas mit der der deutschsprachigen Länder hat, aus denen Sie stammen. Wirklich eine Tour, die für Deutschsprachige konzipiert ist.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 4,523から
  • ヴェローナでアマローネワインのテイスティング
    Winter time? Rainy days? Not time to take a wine trip outside Verona?Why do not enjoy our wine experience! Join a funny interactive wine school in Verona’s city centre and discover the scent and taste of the most famous local wines in a lovely, cozy Italian “ VINERIA” where my friend and sommelier Bruno and his family will wait for you, ready to sip some great wines. We start with a soft but elegant dry and mineral white wine ( the glorious Soave) that opens the palate before moving to the aromatic Lugana (South Garda Lake). Then we taste the reds, all from the Valpolicella Classica area (west of Verona), enjoying a robust Valpolicella Superiore before sipping the King of The wines, the noble and intense AMARONE! We will also taste the Balsamic vinegar 12 years old.. all paired with some local snacks. ( some salami and cheese). Enjoy the tasting! Raise your glass, Cin Cin! THIS IS A NICE OPTION TO SPEND AN UNUSUAL AFTERNOON IN VERONA AND LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR WINE TRADITIONS, BACK TO THE ROMAN PERIOD. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK THE TOUR IN DIFFERENT DAYS, OR TIMES, PLEASE WRITE ME AND I WILL DO MY BEST!
    1人あたり価格:¥ 3,231から
  • ランチ、ワインと歴史を堪能するヴェローナツアー
    The Tour is a dinamic gastronomic walk through the streets of the historic center of Verona with great gourmet stops in old food shops, deli, wine bars and cafés, involving lunch. Guests will follow me (Professional Tour leader and sommelier) admiring the monuments and narrow historic streets, tasting typical Veronese dishes: from classic cheeses and cold cut appetizers to freshly made BIGOLI pasta, or an other local main course (depends in the season), and more gastronomic delights, all paired with delicious local wines, providing so many tastings that it can be considered a FULL LUNCH. During the tour, you will make some very unconventional stops (old Roman ruins/terrace with amazing views ). It is also included a ride on the CABLE RAILWAY to the most romantic view in Verona. There's even artisan organic ice-cream ( or our veronese Christmas pudding) at the end in order to fully respect the Italian tradition. The tour can be considered a full lunch and you will have two tours in one: a nice walking tour of Verona with a local tourist guide combined with a food and wine itinerary. This is a must-do culinary experience in Verona!! Other things to note IF YOU ARE A SOLO TRAVEL AND YOU DON'T SEE ANY OTHER RESERVATIONS, PLEASE JUST CONTACT ME BEFORE BOOKING THE EXPERIENCE.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 11,372から
  • おばあちゃんのパスタ作りの秘密
    Let's put our hands in the flour! In this cooking class, I'm going to share with you the secrets and the recipes of my Granny to make the best fresh Egg Pasta everywhere and every time you want to. Just like in the best Italian family, in this cooking class, we'll make pasta altogether, sharing time, laugh. We'll prepare pasta dough from scratch and I'll teach you all the classic cuts: from tagliolini to pappardelle, passing through tagliatelle, farfalle, maltagliati but also you will see how to prepare decorated pasta and colored pasta. You will also learn to prepare fresh ravioli. At the end of the cooking class, we are going to eat what we've prepared before. Three-course dinner, cooked with low/no salt and sugar to taste and enjoy the real essence of the food and be surprised by the feelings you'll perceive on your palate, Venetian Wine, and a lot of laughs. I will provide you with everything you need, just bring your appetite, enthusiasm for Italian good food, and a camera to eternalize this experience in your memories book. IMPORTANT: Please let me know in advance if you require any special needs or if you have food intolerance or allergy. OTHER THINGS TO NOTE In the apt, there is a lovely sweet cat who loves cuddles and meeting new people.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 8,787から
  • ヴェローナでリゾットとフレッシュパスタ教室
    Experience an hands-on cooking class with a Veronese chef that will share with you the best techniques to prepare an authentic Italian meal. The chef will cook alongside you, teach you and follow you step-by-step to complete the recipes together. You’ll really feel like home in our kitchen and you’ll learn what makes Italian food so good. Get tips and suggestions about basic Italian cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavors of the food and you’ll discover that you don’t need a great effort to create a delicious meal. You will prepare some tasty dishes including Hand-made fresh Pasta from scratch, Risotto (with locally produced rice) and the original Tiramisu, the world-famous sponge cake laced with liqueur and coffee and sweet mascarpone cream. After the cooking class you will enjoy your home-cooked meal with the rest of the small group, sharing with them the results of your experience while tasting a glass of local wine. You'll also receive the recipes, so you can recreate this Italian meal at home for family and friends.
    1人あたり価格:¥ 11,501から

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